The Lesser-Known Truth About Kylie Kelce

Kylie McDerwitt Kelce is used to being in the spotlight — she's married to NFL star Jason Kelce, after all. However, when her husband's brother, Travis Kelce, started dating Taylor Swift in 2023, the heat of the spotlight increased tenfold. 

Kylie had a pretty normal life before she married into the Kelce family and became friends with Swift. She grew up in Narberth, a suburb of Philadelphia, then moved to Wayne, Pennsylvania, to pursue a degree in communications from Cabrini University. When it came to working in her field of choice, Kylie preferred to be behind the scenes. "It's not particularly my cup of tea to be in the spotlight or in front of a camera," she told Spectrum News in November 2023. "I almost feel a little guilty that people are so interested in and invested in what I'm doing," she said in another interview with "Good Morning America." "I'm like, I am trying to scrape applesauce off the couch ... this is not that fascinating. So it's funny to me. I deeply appreciate the support." 

The reason Kylie often finds herself scraping applesauce off the couch is that she's the mother of three girls: Wyatt, Elliotte, and Bennett Kelce. She's been pretty open about the challenges of raising three tiny humans, and it's just one of the many reasons people love her. Once you start digging, you find that there's so much more to her than just being the wife of an NFL player.

Kylie Kelce met her husband on Tinder

Sometimes, even famous NFL players take to Tinder to try their luck in the romance department, and that's exactly what Jason Kelce did. As it happened, Kylie Kelce swiped right.

Kylie wasn't shy to tell the world that she met Jason on Tinder in the "Kelce" documentary. "Jason won't let me lie about this. We met on Tinder," she said. His Tinder bio is what caught her eye. "His profile at the time was something to the effect of, 'I want to have deep meaningful conversations and talk about getting married and having kids' or something like that," Kylie revealed on the "New Heights" podcast in September 2023.

The funny thing is that Kylie didn't realize Jason was a famous athlete when she first checked out his profile. "None of his pictures showed Eagles football," she said. He did, however, look a little familiar to her, and when she consulted her friends, they figured out who he was by doing a reverse image search on Google. Once Kylie realized who she swiped right to, she didn't think it could be real. "It can't be him, it's a catfish." she recalled thinking. And yet, she decided to take a leap and meet him in person anyway. It turned out not to be a catfishing situation — the real Jason Kelce showed up to the date, and the rest is history.

Kylie Kelce's first date with her husband-to-be was a complete disaster

When Kylie Kelce first met Jason Kelce face-to-face, the latter didn't make the best first impression. He showed up to their first date intoxicated, and, as Kylie candidly put it during the aforementioned episode of the "New Heights" podcast, "[Jason] fell asleep 45 minutes after I got there on the bar table because he was too drunk." "Not a good first date," Jason admitted.

One of Jason's friends had to carry him back to his apartment because he was too drunk to walk. "I got a little bit too inebriated," Jason said, "But I was sober enough to know it was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life. It was love at first sight, let me tell you." Kylie mockingly rolled her eyes at this statement and then pointed out that Jason didn't even believe in love at first sight. "I didn't until I met you," Jason quipped. He then added that the second date went a lot better than the first. "I didn't fall asleep," he said. Kylie also joked how Jason looked like a lumberjack when she met up with him that fateful night. "When we first met, he had a man bun still [and] a full beard," she said.

Her engagement story is not exactly romantic

On the aforementioned September 2023 episode of the "New Heights" podcast, Jason Kelce's brother, Travis Kelce, revealed that Jason had some romantic ideas in mind when he planned his proposal to Kylie Kelce, but he didn't end up putting any of them into action. "He was either going to sing you a song or serenade in the front lawn, maybe?" Travis recalled, then asked Kylie if Jason did sing to her, to which they both replied, "No."

The whole proposal occurred in fits and starts. Jason and Kylie were about to leave her parents' house, and Jason needed an excuse to go back inside to speak to her parents alone to ask them for permission to marry their daughter. He couldn't come up with a creative story so he went with an incredibly awkward lie. "When we got in the car, I said, 'Ky, I'm sorry but I gotta take a sh**,'" Jason recalled. When he returned moments later, Kylie immediately questioned him. "He came back out and I said, 'Jason, I know you didn't just go in there and take a sh**, it usually takes you 20 minutes," she said. Jason, who finally had permission and had run out of excuses, cut right to the chase. "He said, 'This isn't the most romantic way to do this, but can you get out of the truck?' And I immediately started crying because I knew what was happening only because he referenced being romantic," Kylie said.

Kylie Kelce is a stay-at-home mom and high school field hockey coach

Kylie Kelce might have a degree in communications, but she's opted to become a stay-at-home mom to give her full attention to her children. "My first priority in anything that I do is to make sure that my kids are squared away and taken care of," she told Today in 2024. She also admitted that she and her husband are continuously learning how to parent. "No parent knows what they're doing and we're all just figuring it out as we go," she said.

In her free time, she coaches field hockey. "I was an athlete myself, and I coach field hockey now for a high school team," Kylie dished to Glamour. She's incredibly passionate about getting young girls involved in sports, explaining that she grew up rooting for — who else? — the Philadelphia Eagles with her dad. "I always found it to be the most fun experience, watching with him to cheer on the Eagles. It was the Sunday activity," she told the outlet. 

When she's not mom-ing or coaching field hockey, Kylie is putting her efforts into charity work. She's actively involved with her husband Jason Kelce's non-profit, (Be)Philly. The organization aims to help young people in need. Kylie isn't just involved with her husband's projects — she's also shown herself to be resourceful when she helps put together an annual event to raise funds for the Eagles Autism Foundation.

She brought her OB-GYN to the 2023 Super Bowl

Being 38 weeks pregnant didn't stop Kylie Kelce from supporting her husband at the 2023 Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona. The game was going to be historic: Travis and Jason Kelce were the first siblings to face off against each other in a Super Bowl ever. At the same time, there was a very real chance that Kylie could go into labor at any moment. Instead of watching the game at home, however, she invited her OB-GYN to accompany her to the event — just in case. Jason told his brother Travis in a February 2023 episode of their podcast, "New Heights," that it may very well turn out to be the "Super Kelce Bowl" if his third child decided to make an unexpected appearance.

Speaking to People ahead of the match, Kylie said that Jason had joked about what to name their newborn should she arrive on Super Bowl day. "We don't have a name, but my husband keeps making the joke that if she does come while we're out there that we'll name her Super, which is one of the most absurd things I've ever heard of in life," she said. "We have talked about if she does come out there that we might consider making her initials S.B., or something related to the Super Bowl, just as sort of a tribute." Spoiler alert: The couple forfeited those initials when Kylie gave birth a little over a week after the big game.

She thinks Travis Kelce is the best uncle in the world

The whole world now knows Travis Kelce as Taylor Swift's boyfriend, but to Kylie and Jason Kelce's children, he's cool Uncle Travis who will do anything his nieces ask of him. "Our oldest, she's our boss. She's our ring leader, and she just has demand after demand for him. And I'm like, 'Trav, you know you can tell Wyatt no?' He was like 'Yeah, I don't think I can.' And so he will do it," Kylie told People.

In that same interview, Kylie couldn't sing Travis' praises enough. "He is like the absolute best uncle you can imagine," she said. The field hockey coach also noted that Jason has joked on more than one occasion that he thinks his kids like his brother more than they do him. 

Turns out, Travis is happy to play whatever games with his nieces for hours at a time. As Kylie explained, her brother-in-law goes along with whatever her kids ask, even if that means pretending to be a pony or sitting on the floor for hours. "He is the epitome of an uncle, just through and through," she gushed.

She's quietly been supporting Taylor Swift on social media

Ever since her brother-in-law started dating Taylor Swift, fans have been keeping a close eye on Kylie Kelce to figure out how she feels about the A-list musician. Kylie might not be super loud when it comes to T-Swift on social media, but she's been quietly showing her support by liking and reacting to certain posts. She's also played some of Taylor's old hits in the background of some of her social media videos.

Swifties first noticed Kylie's silent support when she liked Today's Instagram post about Swift's publicist, Tree Paine, telling off the tabloid DeuxMoi for publishing false stories claiming that Swift secretly got married to her former boyfriend of six years, Joe Alwyn. Fans also spotted Kylie liking an Instagram post from Chicks in the Office about Swift's new album announcement at the Grammys (clearly, Kylie is just as excited about the new album as we are).

Kylie also used Swift's song "Never Grow Up" in one of her TikTok videos that featured her oldest daughter, Wyatt Kelce. It appears she was anticipating the assumptions people would make, so she captioned the video, "If you're gonna try to make a headline out of this, you better offer a suggestion of a better audio... because there isn't one." We have to agree.

She's hung out with Taylor Swift but hasn't made a big deal about it

Ever since Kylie Kelce's brother-in-law, Travis Kelce, started dating Taylor Swift, fans have been hoping to catch a glimpse of the two meeting up. Those dreams were realized when Swift and Kylie were spotted attending the Kansas City Chiefs game in January 2024. It's not clear whether the two had met prior to this event, but in video footage taken on the day, it appeared that Kylie and Swift were getting along swimmingly. They were spotted chatting and laughing together, and it might be safe to say that Kylie might receive an invitation to join Swift's squad any day now — for real. While chatting during a January 2024 episode of their "New Heights" podcast, Travis Kelce told Jason Kelce, "Well, Tay said she absolutely loved you [and Kylie]."

Kylie's had to deal with some rumors that she doesn't like Swift all that much, however. After mentioning in an interview with Spectrum News that she's not a fan of being in the spotlight, some interpreted it as an insinuation that she didn't want to be associated with Swift, and it made headlines. Kylie eventually took to TikTok to address them, clapping back at an article that claimed she wanted to "avoid the Taylor Swift spotlight." "I said it's not my cup of tea to have attention on me," she clarified. "I didn't say that. That seems like a stretch to me. You're reaching," she said, referring to the article.

Kylie Kelce adores cats

Like Taylor Swift, Kylie Kelce is all about cats. Alas, unlike Swift, Kylie doesn't have any pet cats. So, she has been trying to get her husband, Jason Kelce, to agree to adopt a cat for quite some time.

On a December 2023 episode of the "New Heights" podcast, Kylie brought up the subject of adopting a cat, telling Travis Kelce that he probably liked cats now (because he's dating Swift, who has three), and he seemed eager to make Kylie's wish come true. "What color cat do you want?" he whispered as Jason gave his wife the side eye. "I don't want you to send a cat, I just want you to get on my team here," Kylie laughed. Travis then pointed out to his brother that, if he got a "good cat" he could kiss any mice problems goodbye. Kylie explained that Jason didn't want to adopt a cat the way normal people do. "He wants to go to a barn and steal one of the barn cats that are feral," she said, looking heavenward. Jason backed this statement, noting that it's got to be "a working cat."

When Glamour later asked Kylie for a cat update, she admitted that she hadn't yet brought home a feline friend. However, she seems optimistic Jason will change his mind at some point. "I would never actually get a cat without his approval," she said.

Kylie Kelce is really close with Travis Kelce

One of the things fans arguably love most about the "New Heights" podcast is the witty banter Kylie Kelce and Travis Kelce exchange from time to time. The two clearly have a very close and playful bond, and Kylie has even supported Travis' team on a few occasions. When the Kansas City Chiefs were in the Super Bowl in 2020, Kylie took to Instagram to share a snap of her daughter wearing an outfit with the words "Uncle Trav" written on it with his jersey number. "Feeling so grateful that we got to watch the insanely talented and hardworking @killatrav and the Chiefs win the Super Bowl this past weekend! Wyatt is so proud of her World Champion Uncle!" she captioned the post.

In addition to rooting for him on the football field, Kylie roots for Travis on the dating field. On the aforementioned September 2023 episode of the "New Heights" podcast, Travis asked Kylie for her take on whether or not he should upload a picture of him with a mustache to his dating app profile. "This is going to sound a little harsh, but I think you should do the mustache because if they swipe right at your worst then they'll love you at your best," Kylie joked. "That doesn't even hurt my feelings, that's just smart," Travis replied. (At the time of that conversation, Travis and Taylor Swift had already connected. And what do you know, he's kept his mustache throughout their courtship.)

Travis Kelce gave Kylie Kelce a royal nickname

When Kylie Kelce wore a Philadelphia Eagles jacket with some royal history for a good cause, brother-in-law Travis Kelce gave her a royal title of her very own. In 2023, Kylie posed for some photos in a jacket that was a replica of an Eagles jacket that Princess Diana sported back in the '90s — and it was all for a good cause. As Jason Kelce explained on the "New Heights" podcast in November 2023, "The Eagles Autism Foundation is auctioning off this jacket that was inspired by Princess Diana and they decided to use none other than Kylie Kelce to model it this year." Travis, who clearly couldn't help himself, quipped, "Princess Kylie!" before amending it to "Princess Kyana." 

A few moments later, Jason mentioned that the jacket was autographed, then seemed unsure whether Kylie did autograph it, to which Travis replied, "Princess Kyana. That's who it's autographed by — Princess Kyana." Jason nodded. "Princess Kyana, there you go," he said. "I think we should get Kylie to sign some more stuff," he added as an afterthought.

She's very aware of how she talks about her body in front of her children

Being a mom to three young girls and a field hockey coach has made Kylie Kelce think twice before she says something negative about her body. "We're making it a point right now to emphasize a positive tone when we talk about anything body-wise," she told "Good Morning America." "Like our one daughter will sort of rub her belly and I'm like, 'Oh, that is the most beautiful belly I've ever seen," she explained.

Being a field hockey coach has opened Kylie's eyes to how body confidence can affect young girls' willingness to participate in sports, and that's why she's partnered with Dove for its Body Confidence Sports initiative. "It is an outstanding resource for not only athletes but coaches, and how we can address the topic and make sure that we are keeping girls confident enough that they stay in sports," she said in her aforementioned Glamour interview.

Becoming involved with the project has also made Kylie pay attention to her own body image and the messages she relays to her own daughters as well as the young athletes she coaches. "I think it's important to model that positive body talk about yourself because then they're taking that away from what you're doing." Truer words have never been spoken.

She used to be self-conscious about her height

Kylie Kelce knows what it's like to lack body confidence. When she was young, she towered over her peers, and it made her feel incredibly insecure, she told Glamour. The thing that made her finally accept her height and see it as an asset instead of a hindrance was sports. "My height in field hockey was a positive asset. I had a better reach, I had a stronger hit because my stick was longer. There were so many ways that my height helped me in field hockey," she explained.

Playing hockey was what helped Kylie love her body exactly as it is, and now she wants to pay it forward by helping other young girls come to the same realization. "I hope they draw the connection between sports and feeling good about themselves, that sports are an enjoyable and positive experience, and having those positive feelings then translates to making sure they continue with it," she said.

Kylie hopes that her daughters will one day also become athletes, simply because she knows how much sports helped her accept and value herself. Learning to be a team player and working with others to accomplish big goals is something she wants her children to learn, and sports is a great way to do that. She added that many of the skills learned in sports also come in handy when young people step into the workplace one day.