This Taylor Swift-Inspired Super Bowl Ad Proves The Power Of Her Relationship With Travis Kelce

The unexpected takeover of the 2024 Super Bowl by Taylor Swift, despite not headlining the halftime show, has been a surprising turn of events. Notably, Swift's immense popularity and influence have even managed to influence the advertisements for the year's biggest football event, proving the superstar truly has the Midas touch.

Swift's relationship with Travis Kelce, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, has captured global attention both online and offline, showcasing its unexpected power. Ever since Swift began attending her beau's games, ticket sales have skyrocketed, according to Adam Budelli, a StubHub ticket expert speaking to NBC 5 DFW. Budelli noted, "Once Taylor Swift attended her first game, over the next 24 hours, we saw the largest spike in total sales for the Chiefs in any period of the season." He added, "So, certainly, her excitement level has drawn interest for the Chiefs across the regular-season games."

With Swifties flooding the Chiefs' games with signs and jerseys inspired by the megastar in hopes of catching her attention, it's no surprise that media companies have taken notice and leveraged Swift's popularity to attract our attention to their Super Bowl ads. Cetaphil, the skincare brand, capitalized on this phenomenon with their #GameTimeGlow ad, tapping into Swifties' newfound interest in football (and making us cry).

The ad was developed with the help of a real-life Swiftie

Cetaphil's touching advertisement features a father and daughter bonding over football, something that likely wasn't the case before Taylor Swift started frequenting NFL matches. The ad incorporates elements of Swift's real-life influence, with the daughter becoming intrigued by the game after hearing a sports commentator say, "Well, folks, there she is," likely referring to Swift appearing on screen. After putting two and two together, the father gifts his daughter with a number 13 jersey, symbolic of Swift's lucky digits. The two proceed to cozy up and watch the game together, with the sentence, "This season, dads and daughters found a new way to connect," showing up on screen.

In addition to acknowledging Swift's influence, Cetaphil cleverly incorporated Easter egg clues throughout the ad, something Swift is known for. For instance, the father wears a number 89 jersey, a clear nod to Swift's 1989 album. The two also wear friendship bracelets throughout, which is a growing trend observed at Swift's Eras world tour, along with a reference to Kelce's attempt to give his phone number to Swift before they started dating.

If you're wondering how Cetaphil pulled this off so well, it's because they had a Swiftie on the team. Alex Foster, the executive creative director and head of production at Lippe Taylor, the agency behind the ad, told MMM that the concept was developed in collaboration with a devoted Swift fan within the company.

The Swift-Kelce romance inspired a hilarious Super Bowl ad, too

While Cetaphil, like many other brands (Kia's commercial is sure to make you emotional), has capitalized on the audience's feelings for their success, others took a slightly more lighthearted approach inspired by Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's romance. Dude Wipes, a brand making wet wipes for male personal hygiene, leveraged the most-talked-about relationship by referencing it on their Las Vegas billboards.

The digital billboards feature multiple ads for the brand, consisting of wordplay inspired by Swift's lyrics and Kelce's role as a tight end for the Chiefs. The first line alternating on the billboard references Swift's song "Anti-Hero," reading, "It's me. Hi. I'm the solution. It's me. Not TP." Another ad plays on the lyrics of "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," with the first slide saying, "You have never ever ever...," and changing to, "Cleaned your backside better." There's also playful banter about Kelce's playing position, with one ad reading, "We love a clean tight end, too."

It's more than clear that the Taylor Swift effect is in full effect, proving the power of Swift and Kelce's romance as it overtakes the 2024 Super Bowl ads. According to Zeta Global, a technology company tracking marketing data, commercial interest during the NFL event has increased fivefold, with a notable uptick in ads targeting women. Swift and Kelce got us interested, that's for sure.