Noah Cyrus Proves She's Over Dominic Purcell Feud With Birthday Wishes For Mom Tish

Has a hatchet been buried between two members of the Cyrus family? Tish Cyrus and her daughter Noah Cyrus were rumored to have a feud after insiders claimed Noah and Tish's now-husband Dominic Purcell were linked and possibly friends-with-benefits before Tish and Purcell got together. That speculation came about after Noah didn't attend Tish and Purcell's wedding, a big step in their fast-moving relationship.

However, there may not be tension between the mother-daughter pair at all — or, if there is, it's still not stopping Noah from celebrating her mother's birthday. On May 13, 2024, Noah posted a throwback photo of herself and Tish on her Instagram Story with the caption, "happy birthday mom" (via Page Six). The photo seems to have been taken at one of Tish's birthdays from long ago, when Noah was very young.

The day before Tish's birthday, Noah shared a photo of her mother holding her as a baby on her Instagram Story to commemorate Mother's Day (via Entertainment Tonight). The "July" singer's social media activity seems to disprove the feud rumors. However, a sign that maybe the feud is real is that according to Entertainment Tonight, Tish reshared some birthday wishes on her Stories — but not Noah's.

Noah snapped at a rude commenter who mentioned the Purcell rumors

Although it seems Noah Cyrus, Tish Cyrus, and Dominic Purcell haven't made any sort of public statement about the speculation surrounding them, Noah shared harsh words for a troll in the comments of one of her Instagram posts. The post was a carousel of snapshots seemingly from Coachella 2024 and included a video of Lana Del Rey performing "Young and Beautiful" at the event. Noah used a lyric from that song as her caption (though it seems it was mistyped): "dear lord, when i get i heaven please let me bring my man." The carousel also included pictures of Noah with her fiancé Pinkus, likely the man she was alluding to.

However, one nasty commenter quipped, "Like that guy [you] and [your] mom both have sexy time with?" Noah replied back and greeted the troll by username before saying, "i'm so sorry but will you pleeeeeass just choke on the fattest c***. just for a lil bit. great thanks." Some people in the comment thread thought the troll was in the wrong, but others weren't too impressed with Noah's crude reply. Tish hasn't reacted in a similar way, but it seems the comments on her Instagram posts are limited so trolls can't reach out.

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