What OutDaughtered's Cameras Don't Show You

TLC's OutDaughtered has followed the lives of the Busby family since 2016, but that doesn't mean the cameras show you everything that goes on in the now-famous reality TV family. Considering the fact that some seasons of OutDaughtered have been pretty short, there's actually a lot that goes on behind the scenes. 

The Bubsys first gained national recognition when they learned they were pregnant with all-girl quintuplets in 2014. Parents Adam and Danielle Busby blogged their pregnancy journey, and the blog soon went viral, resulting in appearances on national television and the family's own reality show on TLC, OutDaughtered. Still, years later, there's plenty about the bustling family, all the quints, and even Adam and Danielle that fans might not know. Sure, the Busbys live a lot of their lives on cameras, but not all of it is shown on the small screen. There's a lot TLC doesn't show you.

OutDaughtered's Adam and Danielle Busby get a lot of hate for how they prioritize their marriage

With six kids, it's a wonder how Adam and Danielle Busby find the time to go out on dates and treat themselves without the kids around. But they do. In fact, date nights are super important to OutDaughtered's Adam and Danielle Busby. In an interview with Us Weekly, Danielle told the publication, "Don't ever give up on your date nights." Even when they don't think they'll have time, Danielle explained, "It's all about a schedule." 

Still, the fact that the Busbys prioritize their marriage has caused quite a ruckus among fans, though the OutDaughtered cameras don't show it. Seriously, Danielle even wrote on her It's a Buzz World blog, "Adam and I get a lot of criticism for having 'too many date nights.'" But the duo wouldn't change their outlook on marriage and parenthood at all. "We whole-heartedly feel like by taking care of our marriage first, we are doing what is best for our kids," she continued on her blog. Even though the haters are gonna hate, Adam and Danielle value their relationship above almost everything else, and that's that.

The Busbys' faith is seriously important to them, though OutDaughtered doesn't show it

Even if someone saw every episode of TLC's OutDaughtered, they might not know that the Busby family takes their faith seriously. But they definitely do. When the quints were first born, it seemed to be a miracle that they all survived, and that's something Danielle Busby has directly attributed to her beliefs. "We are so thankful and blessed," she said in an interview with local news station KHOU 11, "and I honestly give all the credit to my God. I am so thankful for this wonderful hospital and team of people here, they truly all are amazing."

Additionally, Danielle frequently posts bible verses to her Instagram page and writes about her faith on her It's a Buzz World blog. "I want to encourage you... if you are struggling, having a rough time, or your circumstances seem impossible... ask God for eyes to see His mighty hand at work in the details of your life," she wrote in one post. 

While OutDaughtered doesn't always show how important the Busbys' religion is to them, it's clear their faith is a big part of their lives. 

Even in the Busbys' hectic lives, they find time to rest, even if you don't see it on OutDaughtered

Since the Busbys are parents to six daughters, it's not really a secret that they're a little busy. Danielle Busby opened up about how stressed she always was on It's a Buzz World. "As exhausted as I am every day, my mind is constantly thinking of the things I have to do tomorrow but what I didn't finish today...that will now add onto the top of my tomorrow list," she wrote. 

And yet, the Busbys still manage to find time to rest. Danielle explained that she and her husband work to find time for themselves. "Sometimes dealing with hurry is as simple as deciding to slow down," she expressed. "Sometimes it means editing our schedules and removing half (if not more) of our responsibilities." 

Danielle also took to Instagram to reveal that she had to learn how to make time for what was important to her, saying, "We all need time in our days & schedule to ... SLOW DOWN!" Though the Busbys have their schedule down, we doubt we'll ever see them rest on OutDaughtered.

The Busbys have a great relationship with the OutDaughtered production crew

As Adam and Danielle Busby have spent years of their life in front of a camera for OutDaughtered, it's not exactly shocking that they would have gotten used to being filmed. After all, fans of OutDaughtered are pretty used to seeing so much of the Busbys' lives on the show — their highs, their lows, and everything in between. 

But fans might be surprised to know that what the cameras don't show you on OutDaughtered is that both Adam and Danielle — and all their kids — actually have a great relationship with their production crew. In an interview with Good Morning America, Adam explained that "the camera crew almost became like family" when they first started filming OutDaughtered. "Blayke was calling our producer Uncle Brad," he continued. 

You don't see it on the show, but the Busby family gets along great with their entire film crew, and that's pretty awesome. 

OutDaughtered's Busby family hates being compared to other TV show families

While there are quite a few reality television shows out there that center on families, the Busbys are unlike any other. Sure, there are shows out there that focus on families with a lot of kids , but the fact that the Busbys have six daughters, five of whom were born at the same time, truly sets them apart. And the OutDaughtered stars like it that way. 

In an interview with Romper, Adam and Danielle Busby expressed their annoyance at being lumped together with other reality show families — presumably 19 Kids and Counting's Duggar family. "We get compared a lot to ... I'm not going to name names," Adam told the publication. "Honestly, that drives me up the wall. We are not them, and we have something together that is completely different than them." The Busbys are completely different than other reality show families, and that's very important to them, though the cameras might not show it. 

OutDaughtered's stars are super grateful for having their lives filmed

It's hard to imagine having so much of your life filmed for the world to see, but the Busbys are pretty used to it by now. In fact, not only are the Busbys used to being filmed for OutDaughtered, but they're actually pretty grateful for it. While their series might not show just how happy they are to be on TV, in an interview with StyleBlueprint.com, Danielle Busby opened up about the positive aspect of having a camera crew follow you around all the time, and she truly appreciates it. 

Danielle explained that she was happy being on TV — above all else — for capturing her family's memories. "I probably get emotional and cry every time I watch an episode because it shows me how much they have changed so quickly, and we're getting the best footage of our life captured," she told the publication. "It's better than just me doing the iPhone." Seriously, the Busbys can now go back and watch years and years of their family life unfold, and that's pretty spectacular.

There are downsides that OutDaughtered doesn't show you

Fans of OutDaughtered might not be aware of all the downsides there are to the family doing the show. Naturally, the camera doesn't really show the struggles Adam and Danielle Busby face being public figures, and it's not always easy. On her It's a Buzz World blog, Danielle opened up about how she's had to deal with negative people who don't understand her show. "There are so many people who think the life of a reality show is just ridiculous and full of exploiting your family," she wrote. 

Additionally, in an interview with StyleBlueprint.com, the mom of six explained that she has also had concerns for her safety at times. "The biggest challenge is on two sides — on the personal side, the logistics of doing anything," she shared. "The other is this life of people watching you. It is the security and the safety of our lives and the girls." She continued, "It's still a scary world, and we can only protect so much of our home." Being a television star has its pros, but it also has its cons, something the cameras don't exactly show you on OutDaughtered. 

The Busbys hope to expand their empire beyond OutDaughtered

For most people, having your own hit reality series sounds like a career high. But for the Busbys, that's really just the start. Though the family enjoys being on TV and sharing their story with the world through OutDaughtered, they want more for themselves and their daughters. 

In an interview with Romper, Adam and Danielle Busby explained that they want to expand their empire and not just with a clothing line or two. "Adam and I have a lot of visions and a lot of hopes and dreams and a lot of good that we can share and create and do for others," Danielle said. "Maybe a nonprofit of some sort to help moms that are struggling with infertility, that go through the NICU life. That's just where my heart is with walking through such a hard time in my life." Adam added that they were also considering writing a book in the future. 

For the Busbys, anything is possible, though you might not see all their endeavors on OutDaughtered.

When the quints were babies, OutDaughtered's Danielle Busby spent most of her time breastfeeding

OutDaughtered fans have watched the series for years, following along from when the quints were first born to their time in the NICU, to Adam and Danielle Busby adjusting to having five babies at home. It's definitely been a journey. But one pretty important thing that the cameras never showed viewers on OutDaughtered was the fact that Danielle actually breastfed all of the quints. 

In fact, Danielle was so worn out from breastfeeding five babies that she realized she needed time to herself. "With the quints, I was a cow," she told Romper. "That's all I did for six months was pump, pump, feed, feed, feed, feed." So, she took up night running. "It was my sense of stress. I wanted to go running at 9:00 at night, even after I had just got done feeding quintuplets," she explained. 

It's no secret that being a mom is the hardest job in the world, but breastfeeding five babies makes things even more intense.

According to OutDaughtered's Danielle Busby, days with the quints can be kind of repetitive

As loyal viewers of OutDaughtered know to be true, life with six kids is definitely hectic for the Busbys. Even with older sister Blayke helping out, raising five babies at the same time is no easy task. However, in the early days at home with the quints, Danielle Busby found herself getting a little burned out on doing the same thing every day. 

In an interview with StyleBlueprint.com, Danielle admitted that her days were reminiscent of the movie Groundhog Day. "You do bottles, milk, breakfast, get them dressed, play, they nap and that's when I shower or do some laundry, constantly the dishwasher, constantly cooking or making food, constantly cleaning up, and they usually go to bed about 7 p.m., and then you start the dishwasher for the night and start over again in the morning," she said. OutDaughtered might make it look like every day is an adventure for the mom of six, but sometimes she actually gets bored. 

OutDaughtered hasn't shown that the Busbys are close to another TLC family

If you've ever seen an episode of OutDaughtered, you know that Adam and Danielle Busby are extremely close to Danielle's family, who live in the Houston area as well. However, they aren't the only people that the Busbys like to hang out with. In fact, the Busbys have spent time with Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, who've been featured on the TLC show Little People, Big World.

In an Instagram post from October 2019, Audrey Roloff shared a few pics of her and Jeremy with Adam and Danielle and explained how much she enjoyed their time together in the caption. "Beyond grateful for some time with these people while here in LA," she wrote. "This photo contains some of the bravest and strongest people I know who are beautiful examples of fearlessly trusting God no matter what life throws their way." Additionally, Danielle has posted to her Instagram praising the Roloff's book, A Love Letter Life. TLC families tend to stick together it seems! 

OutDaughtered's stars have to deal with parent-shamers a lot

Unfortunately, one of the downsides of having your own reality show is that it means letting people watch your day-to-day life and potentially judge you. The Busbys are no exception to that, and they have had to deal with a lot of trolls who shame their parenting techniques way too often. While the parent-shaming comments are not something shown on OutDaughtered, Adam and Danielle Busby opened up to People about the pressure they feel from being judged by strangers. 

In the interview, Adam told the magazine that "people are looking at our photos and looking at our posts under a microscope just to find out what they can criticize about it." Additionally, Danielle wrote in her It's a Buzz World blog that there were plenty of times in which "the enemy" was "filling me with guilt and telling me that I'm a failure as a mom." The Busbys definitely do the best they can when it comes to raising six daughters, but haters are always gonna hate, even though they might not show the drama on OutDaughtered. 

Even when they aren't filming OutDaughtered, the Busbys are making content

On OutDaughtered, it can easily seem like the cameras follow the Busby family around for the majority of their lives, but the truth is that there are plenty of days, weeks, and even months when the cameras aren't there. Well, when TLC's cameras aren't there, anyway. Even when the Busbys aren't filming for OutDaughtered, they are still making content — and plenty of it. 

In fact, in an interview with Romper, Adam Busby explained that his photography and videography skills had been fine-tuned over the years. "It was a hobby before, and then it became an obsession," he said. And with Adam's own camera and editing skills, fans of the Busby family can basically always get their fill of Busby content. The father of six typically uploads two videos a week when the family isn't filming for OutDaughtered. Between their respective Instagram pages, the It's a Buzz World blog, and their YouTube channel, the Busbys are always sharing something.

OutDaughtered doesn't show you how much the quints like watching themselves on TV

As the quints on OutDaughtered have gotten older, fans of the show have watched them start walking, learn to talk, go off to school, and go on plenty of fun adventures. But one thing that the quints have started to enjoy that the cameras don't show you on OutDaughtered is watching themselves on TV. Honestly, they're so cute — who could blame them? 

In an interview with Romper, Adam Busby explained that on some mornings the quints like to watch episodes of OutDaughtered on TLC. "They love to laugh at the show, and then they point out family members and laugh at each other and stuff like that," he said. "It's really cute to watch." TLC even released a special clip on the network's YouTube channel of the entire Busby family watching OutDaughtered together, with all six girls giggling at the sight. It might seem strange to get used to watching yourself on TV, but the quints are clearly entertained!