Here's How Much Botched's Terry Dubrow Is Actually Worth

Dr. Terry Dubrow is most well-known for his role, alongside fellow master surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif, in fixing plastic surgeries gone wrong on the hit E! show Botched. Their sometimes shocking reality show documents how the doctors help patients who have endured dodgy surgical procedures or even, in certain special cases, so many surgeries there's nobody left who will work on them.

Aside from his reality television work, however, Dr. Dubrow is a renowned surgeon in his own right, working extensively in Newport Beach, California, where his office is based — and where you can actually get an appointment with the famous doctor. And, thanks to the popularity of Botched, he's busier (and wealthier) than ever before. 

Dr. Dubrow was a big deal even before Botched came along

As reported by Celebrity Net Worth, Dr. Dubrow first started making waves while he was a resident at the UCLA School of Medicine, subsequently becoming chief resident of general and plastic surgery. He later started his own practice, and was eventually asked to star in a reality TV show, The Swan. The show's popularity saw Dr. Dubrow's waiting list skyrocket, and his continued fame has only made it longer.

Aside from The Swan and, of course, Botched, Dr. Dubrow has appeared on plenty of other shows discussing the benefits and risks of plastic surgery. He's also published numerous papers in medical journals.

Dr. Dubrow is married to Heather Dubrow, a reality star in her own right until she devastated fans by leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County. Dubrow featured in that show with his wife, which gave him even more notoriety, and led to the creation of Botched in 2014.

Dr. Dubrow is massively successful in other fields, too

Aside from reality television and his bulging plastic surgery portfolio, according to Cheat Sheet, Terry Dubrow also co-authored two books, Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig Present the Only Guide You'll Ever Need to the Best Anti-Aging Treatments and The Dubrow Diet: Interval Eating to Lose Weight and Feel Ageless, with his wife Heather, and The Acne Cure, with Brenda Adderly. 

Up next, the Dubrows plan to bring out a follow-up book, The Dubrow Keto Fusion Diet: The Ultimate Plan for Interval Eating and Sustainable Fat Burning in March 2020, according to People. Dr. Dubrow gushed over his and his wife's new diet plan, saying, "I no longer have to starve myself all day long and I can socially hang out with people. I don't have to bite my left arm off because I'm starving all day from intermittent fasting. And I don't have to eat ridiculous foods that I know is not the way were supposed to eat to live a long, happy life. It's incredibly easy, and it's real."

He also has a skin care line, called Consult Beaute, which further adds to Dr. Dubrow's impressive net worth. Speaking to Market Wired (via Bravo's The Daily Dish), the Botched star advised, "While plastic surgery isn't for everyone, every woman deserves to feel beautiful. I'm an advocate for minimal treatment that helps produce natural-looking results. I believe Consult Beaute's innovative approach to anti-aging will help enhance the natural beauty and look of vitality customers are in search of without surgery."

Botched has earned Dr. Dubrow major cache as well as cash

Celebrity Net Worth puts Dr. Dubrow's current value at $40 million, while Money listed him as the third richest plastic surgeon in the world (Dr. Nassif landed at a not-too-shabby number nine on the list). It's worth noting, though, that Money put his net worth at $10 million lower just two years ago. Still, it's a considerable chunk of change any way you look at it, and that number really isn't too surprising considering how much the surgeries on Botched cost — they can run up to $100,000.

In an interview with Reality Tea, Dr. Dubrow admitted that Botched and its multitude of plastic surgery blunders has helped him and Dr. Nassif to become better surgeons overall. "We, surprisingly even to ourselves, have been able to take patients that even we thought were unfixable... We've figured out ways to fix them, and we now have a different level, a different standard that we're comparing our results to so sometimes," he explained.

Dr. Dubrow did acknowledge, however, that sometimes it's a curse rather than a blessing, revealing, "We're our harshest critics. We can't even figure out what's 'good enough' now because we've been able to sort of blow through our own expectations with many of these patients."