The Best Blue Black Hair Styles Of 2020

Blue black hair is the must-have hair trend predicted for 2020. It's perfect for super-dark hair and is ideal for any skin tone (via The Trend Spotter). This hairstyle can be a subtle way to have some fun with your hair, though depending on what shade you choose, from a light royal blue to a darker midnight blue, the color can be more obvious. 


Hairstylist Annagjid "Kee" Taylor told Allure that most of her clients are going dark brown and black as of late. She says it's a classic look and dark hair "shines like glass." Stars like Nelly Furtado, Rihanna, and Katy Perry have all experimented with black blue hair (via HubPages), so why get in on the trend? Black is back and never really went out of style, so why not add a little oomph to your sleek new look with a dash of blue?

Blue black bobs are always a go

A classic bob is one haircut you should be asking for in 2020, no matter what your hair color. But with a sleek blue tint to dark black hair, a bob will pop even more. The blues will twist with the shape of the hair and look simple but chic. Celebrity hairdresserJay Birmingham confirmed to Glamour"2020 is the major bob movement, long hair simply isn't that interesting anymore."


Having blue black hair is the perfect way to be bold without putting too much color into your hair — it's daring but still classy. And when paired with the right haircut, you're sure to stand out.

Curly hair don't care, especially when it's blue black ombre

One of the perks of having a wavy or curly style is that you can experiment with a fun blue black ombre look. Lighter blues can build towards the bottom and work up towards black roots. Glamour columnist Larry King said, "The curly bob is the absolute perfect hairstyle if you've got a natural wave or curl. It's cute, feminine and fun. It also feels fresh compared to all the beach waves we've seen in recent years."


In order to achieve blue black ombre hair, there will likely be some de-colorizing involved. But if you visit a professional colorist, the experience should result in a shiny, flawless style (via African American Hairstyling).

Sleek and straight creates a striking look with blue black hair

A sleek, straight look really sets blue black tresses off nicely. Colorist Austin Medearis says that black hair looks even better when it's "rich, blue-black, and extremely shiny" (via Glamour). A great perk of dying your hair dark is that while experimentation is endless, you don't have to be too dramatic. If you choose to stick with straight, long hair for a blue black 'do, you can play with a subtle ombre look or balayage, which is a technique that makes the artificial coloring blend very naturally into the hair (via Rachel Firasek).


Whatever look you decide, you'll surely go into 2020 feeling like royalty with a royally edgy blue hue.