What Jed Wyatt From The Bachelorette Is Up To Now

After winning Hannah Brown's heart in season 15 of The Bachelorette, Jed Wyatt shocked fans around the nation when it was revealed he reportedly had an off-screen girlfriend he had kept secret (via Refinery29). Brown and Wyatt, who were engaged at the time, promptly broke up, and while Brown's profile grew stronger, Wyatt has remained relatively quiet, living what seems to be a normal life out of the spotlight ever since.

According to Wyatt's Instagram, he is currently "making music and pancakes." Jokes aside, The Bachelorette viewers will recall him singing and playing the guitar at various points throughout the show, and it appears he is trying to make a career out of it while basing himself in Nashville. As stated on his website, his plan for 2019 was simple: "I'll be playing and spreading my love for music throughout Nashville and globally in 2019 along with several other amazing artists!" he wrote.

Jed Wyatt is busy making music, working out, and travelling

Wyatt's intentions seem to be the same for 2020, and in February he uploaded a video to Instagram of himself and his roommate playing music. However, other than that small glimpse behind the scenes, he remains tight-lipped about his next move and the whereabouts of his next performances.

Beyond focusing on his music career, he seems to be spending his time travelling, working out, and hanging with his new girlfriend. Yes, you read that right. Wyatt has a new girlfriend, Ellen Decker. According to People, Decker is a Miami-based personal trainer, teacher, and model for CGM Models. Alongside their first public photo together in early December, Wyatt wrote, "the only person to make me smile more than riding a jetski [sic]." Based on both their social media profiles, the two seem to be inseparable, with Wyatt celebrating 4 months together as an official couple in March.