This Is Why Jed Wyatt Won't Be On Bachelor In Paradise

After all the heartache Jed Wyatt caused on the last season of The Bachelorette, it was pretty much a given that he wouldn't be the next Bachelor. He did, after all, win the season and Hannah Brown's heart, although she called off their brief engagement after it came out that Jed had a girlfriend when he joined The Bachelorette. In spite of all of this, it seemed likely that Jed might still appear on Bachelor in Paradise next year, after things had cooled off a bit, but Jed says he isn't interested in dating any time soon.

"I'm not necessarily looking," the musician told Us Weekly on September 7. "I'm just praying that things fall into place as they should. I'm just trying to focus on myself. I've been really working hard with one of my friends. I haven't said much about it, but we're working on a non-profit charity. That's been, honestly, more than music lately. We've been trying to get the pieces together for that and get it going. I can't really think about a relationship right now."

If he's still nursing a broken heart, he didn't let on. Jed said that he hasn't been following the aftermath of his breakup with Hannah in the news too closely, although he did say that he's happy for Bachelorette runner-up Tyler Cameron who began dating supermodel Gigi Hadid shortly after the season finale. Tyler became publicly involved with the model just days after going out on a date with Hannah, something Jed found out about on social media. "I'm happy for him, I don't know," said Jed. "It doesn't phase me. If he's happy, I'm happy. I don't really know Gigi. She's probably cool, though. If she's with Tyler, she's probably cool."

Jed also said that he won't be watching Hannah on the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars, which she is competing on. "To be honest, I never watch that show anyway," he said. "I don't really watch TV. I never really watch much TV — just Animal Planet, I love Animal Planet."