The Truth About Danielle Busby's Twin Sisters

Danielle Busby and her twin sisters are likely very familiar with the old saying that goes, "It takes a village to raise a child." After all, that saying is especially true when you have more than one child to raise, and such is the case with Danielle, husband Adam Busby, and their six children. The stars of TLC's reality series OutDaughtered became famous when Danielle became pregnant with the first set of all-female quintuplets in the United States.

Then, after the Busby quints were born, Adam and Danielle became even more well-known for their TLC show. They appeared on television screens across America and soon won over fans everywhere. But fortunately, they didn't do it alone. By their side the entire time was Danielle's twin sisters, Ashley Mowbray and Crystal Mills — or, as OutDaughtered fans know them better as, Aunt KiKi and Aunt LiLi. Danielle's sisters, who are twins, have made multiple appearances on the show, but, aside from that, there's not a lot known about the pair. The truth about Danielle Busby's twin sisters is that, while they both look a lot like Danielle, they're different in a lot of ways.

Danielle Busby couldn't imagine her twin sisters not being on OutDaughtered

As is to be expected, the Busby family was a little overwhelmed after the birth of the quints. Any parent could tell you how stressful and exhausting those first few nights at home are with one baby, so the fact that the Busbys had five babies just made it all that much more tiring. Fortunately, though, Danielle Busby had the help of her family, including her twin sisters — something that's captured on TLC's OutDaughtered.

In an interview with Channel Guide Mag in May 2016, Busby explained that the show would feature her twin sisters. "You'll see my sisters, which we call Kiki [Crystal] and Lili [Ashley]," she shared. And when asked if she would have done OutDaughtered without them, she responded, "Well, it's made it more exciting with them. I love being able to capture moments with them." Noting that the show wouldn't be the same without them, she continued, "And I see them all the time — especially my sister that lives here close to me — so it would have been weird not having her involved, them involved, because we're always together."

Danielle Busby's twin sisters, Ashley Mowbray and Crystal Mills, both have two kids

Given as how Danielle Busby's twin sisters, Ashley Mowbray and Crystal Mills, are twins, it's no wonder that they would have quite a bit in common. But on top of their similar features and shared birthday, Mowbray and Mills also have something else in common: They both have two children! Specifically, they each have one son and one daughter.

Danielle Busby probably isn't too shocked by this, as she's always been aware of the bond between Mills and Mowbray. "My sisters are twins, and I remember growing up, and them kind of having this intuition at times," she explained in a May 2016 interview with Channel Guide Mag. Clearly, Mills and Mowbray still have that twin connection going strong as adults. 

Both twins have posted adorable photos of their families of four, with Mills shared a sweet selfie with her loved ones and Mowbray sharing some adorable shots of her kids. Busby's twin sisters may be all grown up, but they aren't any less connected.

Danielle Busby's sister Ashley Mowbray is a small business owner

Fans of OutDaughtered might know that one of Danielle Busby's twin sisters made a pretty big career move. Yes, Ashley Mowbray is the owner of her own small business, Heist Hair Bar. Mowbray isn't just a mom of two who makes appearances on a hit reality television show, but she's also an entrepreneur, making her a total boss. 

When the salon opened, it was met with plenty of support from the community. In a post on the Heist Hair Bar Instagram page, that support was made clear. "We are so grateful not only for the Team and Staff we have here at Heist but also for the tremendous amount of support we have received from the community and surrounding areas," the 2016 post read. 

But Mowbray isn't just a talented entrepreneur for opening Heist Hair Bar, as she's also quite the philanthropist. She's done some charity work through her salon, having taken coat donations for Star of Hope.

Danielle Busby's sister Crystal Mills has a childlike spirit and likes TikTok

Even though Danielle Busby's twin sisters are, obviously, twins, that doesn't mean they don't have their differences. While Ashley Mowbray seems to be a little more reserved than her two sisters — she isn't as active on social media and doesn't appear on OutDaughtered as much — Crystal Mills is outgoing.

In an interview with Channel Guide Mag, Busby was asked to describe her daughter Olivia Marie, and she compared her to Mills. "She reminds me a lot of my sister Crystal — Kiki — in that she likes attention and she likes to always be talking about something," Busby said. Mills is certainly childlike in spirit. She even participates in videos for TikTok, the social media platform that is popular among teenagers, and posts a lot of dances to her Instagram. Obviously, Mills has a ton of energy and likes to be in the spotlight — that's for sure.

Danielle Busby's sisters love being twins

Being a twin must be complicated, as it's pretty strange to have someone out there who looks a lot like you and with whom you share so much. But for Danielle Busby's sisters, being a twin is something they totally love. Both Ashley Mowbray and Crystal Mills seem to appreciate their connection and probably wouldn't have it any other way.

In one Instagram post in honor of their birthday, Mowbray wrote a touching tribute to her twin sister. "For 36 Years we've had a lot of firsts together...from big hair, big shorts, big big bangs, to now big kids," she wrote. "Grateful and Blessed for all of our memories Past, Present and Future." Mills also posted a sweet photo for their birthday another year, keeping the caption short and sweet. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEST TWIN SISTER," she wrote. 

For Mowbray and Mills, being a twin is part of what makes them unique, and they seriously love each other.

Danielle Busby's sister Crystal Mills likes being on TV

It can't be easy to live your life on reality television with the potential for millions of people to be watching your nearly every move. But when your sister is the star of a huge reality show that's broadcast all over the country, it must be a complicated mix of emotions as to whether or not you want to appear on the show as well. However, it seems as though Danielle Busby's sister Crystal Mills is a huge fan of OutDaughtered, one of the best shows on TLC, and she loves being on TV.

In one Instagram post promoting the show, Mills wrote, "Yay! Coming to a tv near you!" Along with some laughing emojis, she continued, "Can't wait for you all to see us again." Obviously, OutDaughtered isn't about Mills and her own family, but it seems that doesn't make appearing on the show any less fun for her.

Danielle Busby's twin sisters are just as passionate about fitness as the OutDaughtered star is

Anyone who watches OutDaughtered knows that Danielle Busby is in great shape, and so are her siblings. Ashley Mowbray and Crystal Mills both appear to be just as passionate about fitness as Busby is — maybe even more so! The twin sisters have posted multiple photos of themselves working out, with Mowbray even posting a video of her taking part in a squat challenge to her Instagram page. Mills has also shared a sweet and sweaty selfie of herself working out with Busby at the gym.

Not only do Mowbray and Mills share a passion for fitness just like their sister, but they are also part owners in the fitness apparel brand CADi Fitness. On the website for the brand, the sisters' love for working out is explained: "Our passion for fitness has been a constant between us and is a reminder of our strength as sisters, wives, mothers and business owners."

Danielle Busby's sister Crystal Mills is married to OutDaughtered fan-favorite Uncle Dale

Dedicated fans of OutDaughtered know that there is one person who is especially beloved by both the Busby family and viewers at home. That person is Uncle Dale! Dale Mills, who is Crystal Mills' husband, appears on OutDaughtered pretty regularly, and he almost always has something funny to say.

Not only are Crystal and Dale total couple goals, with their sweet posts together on Instagram and entertaining takes on TikTok challenges, but Dale himself is a great addition to the OutDaughtered cast. In one scene of the show, the Mills are babysitting the quints, who have changed a lot since they started appearing on OutDaughtered, and have a pizza party with "Chef Uncle Dale." It's seriously adorable, and at one point, when Dale offers the quints water, Crystal jokes, "Who comes to KiKi's house and has water?" Dale responds, "Oh, my bad, y'all want vodka?" It was hilarious, and it just goes to show how Danielle Busby's sister and brother-in-law are the perfect additions to OutDaughtered, stealing the show with their jokes.

Danielle Busby's sister Ashley Mowbray has a strong faith

If you know about the cast of OutDaughtered, then you know that faith is important to Adam and Danielle Busby, though the show doesn't place too much focus on it. And it turns out that Danielle's sister Ashley Mowbray, one half of the family's twins, also has a strong faith.

Yes, just like her sister, Mowbray has made her faith very clear on her social media pages. In one Instagram post, Mowbray posed in the mirror, showing off a cast on her foot. In the caption, she wrote, "Power In Weakness 2:Corinthians 12:9...Guessing God is telling me to slow down?" In another post, Mowbray shared a photo from her business' Instagram page, wishing her followers a happy Easter and quoting Ephesians 3:14-19. "We hope you enjoy celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus today with your Family, Friends and Loved Ones," the post read. Though you might not see it displayed on OutDaughtered, Mowbray clearly has a strong Christian faith.

Danielle Busby's sister Crystal Mills is sort of an influencer

Instagram influencers are all the rage, and, as Danielle Busby is the star of a reality series, it would make sense for her to be one. But believe it or not, one of her sisters is actually sort of an influencer. Crystal Mills, who is super active on social media, has posted several sponsored content posts on her Instagram over the years.

In one post, Mills posed for a selfie alongside a bottle of a popular detox tea brand. "For the last couple months, I've been pairing my workouts with @teamiblends detox because I genuinely love being a #teamipartner," she captioned the post. In another, Mills advertised a subscription box service around Christmastime. "A gift to myself this holiday season? Don't mind if I do! I love being a #fabfitfunpartner because it feels like I'm treating myself each season when this box shows up at my doorstep," she wrote. 

Mills might not be as well-known as her reality TV star sister, but she's still making the most of her following.

This sister was there when Danielle Busby had a scary pregnancy moment

While Danielle Busby was pregnant with the quintuplets, there were a lot of unknowns. Obviously, it was a high-risk pregnancy, but, fortunately for Busby, she had her family by her side when things got scary — especially sister Ashley Mowbray. In a blog post on It's a Buzz World, Busby described having terrible chest pains and pressure and not knowing what to do. Well, that is, until Mowbray showed up and lent a helping hand.

"So as this point Ashley met us, and I jumped in her car and we took off to [the] hospital," Busby wrote. When they arrived, Mowbray was helpful and made sure Busby was attended to. "Ashley proceeds to tell them 'She is pregnant with quints and having really bad chest pains,'" Busby added.

Fortunately, Busby noted that that her chest pains weren't too serious and were from the pregnancy and "everything ... getting super squished inside." But still, Mowbray was there for Busby when things were scary — and that's what sisters are for!

Sister Crystal Mills was neighbors with Danielle Busby and her family

Though the Busbys aren't native Texans (before the Busbys were famous, they lived in Louisiana), they certainly got the feel of the Houston area when Hurricane Harvey hit. It was a tragic experience, but the Busbys were able to band together at the time with some help from one of Danielle Busby's twin sisters who was their neighbor. Crystal Mills lived just down the street from the Busbys, and, when the hurricane hit, they were there for each other.

On her It's a Buzz World blog, Busby wrote about how her family really came together during the crisis. "Hurricane Harvey had us house bound for quite a few days," she explained. "We had to find lots of ways to entertain six kiddos. Thankfully we had a few breaks in the rain and were able to sneak outside and take a walk down the street to Aunt KiKi and Uncle Dale's house." She added, "It is so awesome to have family so close by us, because Blayke was able to stay preoccupied with cousins."

Danielle Busby's sister Ashley Mowbray loves to travel

It's no secret that out of Danielle Busby's twin sisters, Ashley Mowbray is the more reserved and private one. Whether it's because Mowbray is busy as a small business owner or that she just doesn't like to be as active on social media is beside the point. Even though Mowbray doesn't post as often as either Danielle Busby or Crystal Mills, there is one thing that she does post plenty of: travel photos.

On Mowbray's Instagram page, she has quite few picturesque posts from her travels all around the world. In one post, Mowbray wrote about how she wanted to go back to Italy one day. "Missing the Beauty and Tranquilly of Italy (the wine and cheese too) ... One day Italy, we will return," she wrote. Mowbray has also posted photos from a family vacation to Hawaii, which certainly looked like a lot of fun. Clearly, it'd appear that Mowbray is the adventurous one in the family.

Danielle Busby's sister Crystal Mills really knows how to handle kids

As a mom herself, Crystal Mills obviously knows how to handle children. But Danielle Busby's sister is also a master at wrangling the quints along with her own kids. That can't be an easy feat, but somehow Crystal makes it look easy when she appears on episodes of OutDaughtered.

Specifically, in one episode, Crystal and her husband, Dale Mills, are babysitting for the Busbys, and, while he is totally overwhelmed, she is more at ease. "I'm excited. I don't know if Dale's excited to take on the challenge," she said. There's even a moment when Crystal expertly manages to hold a kid on one hip while also helping some of the others up the stairs. It just goes to shows how great of a mom Crystal is. Whether it's her own kids or the Busby quints she's caring for, Crystal knows how to deal with rowdy children — she's practically an expert at it.