Hermes Products That Aren't Worth The Money

If a product is labeled Hermès, it has to be worth the money right? Although the phrase "you get what you pay for" is often used to describe cheap, low-quality items, if you flip the situation, the same phrase can be asked of high-priced objects as well. There are many luxury, designer items on the market, but do you really get more bang for your buck? While sometimes the difference between a $500 purse and $50 handbag is instantly evident, there's plenty of brands that slap sky-high price tags on their inventory without upping their quality.


Because this rings true for a number of brands, consumers have to do their research before shelling out some serious dough. Exane BNP Paribas and VR Fashion Luxury Expertise (via Quartz) examined buying patterns and found that consumers are buying these items without taking quality standards into consideration. Instead, they're "buying [accessories like bags or shoes by] these brands as a way to communicate status," according to the report.

When it comes to luxurious and highly-sought after brands, Hermès is, of course, at the top of the list. But do their pricey products equate to high quality? Not always. Read on to find out which items aren't worth the splurge.

Hermes Beauty lipsticks

In February 2020, Hermès unveiled a collection of 24 lipsticks — 10 matte and 14 satin. As Harper's Bazaar reported, the lipsticks started retailing for $68 with refills for $42. But, what's the difference between the brand's spendy lipstick and one you'd buy in a drugstore? Although Jérôme Touron, creative director for Hermès Beauty, told the publication that he thinks "of our make-up textures resonating with the house's other materials like an interplay of analogies, a natural extension of Hermès on bare skin," there may not be that much of a difference.


In consultation Julie Fredrickson, CEO and co-founder of Stowaway Cosmetics, Racked reported that a "retailer buys ... products from brands at 50 to 65 percent less than the retail price, then marks them back up to sell, taking that profit." Fredrickson explained, "Beauty is the only industry in which I have found that the aphorism 'you get what you pay for' isn't true," she says. At the end of the day, that Hermès lipstick is probably not worth the 68 bucks.

Hermes Comb

Hermès may be known for their bags, but the fashion house also has a slew of other types of products for sale on their site. Take, for example, the Hermès Comb, which retails online for $255. While it might be cool to whip out an Hermès comb at any given moment, does price actually matter when it comes to hair combs or brushes? While the Hermès Comb is made of horn, engraved, and comes with a swift calfskin case, that may not matter too much to your hair.


"The better the brush, the healthier your hair will feel and look," Jenn Bradford, senior stylist at DreamDry, told The List. However, she said there's no reason to drop hundreds of dollars on a comb or brush. The stylist ensures that a more middle-ground option — one that's still made using "quality materials" — is perfectly fine. When looking for a comb, she suggested going with a wide-tooth design, which will help detangle hair more easily. This means you can skip out on the Hermès Comb for two reasons: It's both unnecessarily expensive and was designed with smaller teeth.

Hermes Petits Felins bib

Parents want only the best for their children, but when it comes to certain products, a higher price tag doesn't equal better quality. Before you shell out $265 for the Petits Felins bib by Hermès, it's worth taking a look at comparable options. As it turns out, you can get a much less expensive version without sacrificing high-quality materials.


The Hermès Petits Felins bib is hand-embroidered with a tiger motif and made of 100 percent linen. Meanwhile, "stitched and embroidered" bibs that are also 100 percent linen retail on Milkbarn for $22.

While the brand doesn't offer one featuring a tiger, you can choose the Applique Linen Bib adorned with giraffes, birds, whales, or a dog — and at a significantly lower price point. For something your little one is most definitely going to spit up on, this cheaper alternative seems like a much safer bet than shelling out hundreds of dollars on a luxury bib by Hermès.

Hermes Milo Lambskin Grigri Rodeo Horse Bag Charm

The Hermès Milo Lambskin Grigri Rodeo Horse Bag Charm may be small, but it comes with a mighty big price tag. As such, it's understandable that consumers would question the value of the five-inch token that retails on Fashionpile for $700. According to the personal shopper and personal stylist behind the YouTube channel Luxeinlux, not so much. "I'll be honest with you, it's a bit pricey for what it is," the YouTuber admitted. "It's probably not really worth the amount of money we are willing to pay."


Luxury fashion blogger Ai Ling of The Colourful Noir shared a similar sentiment. When reviewing the product on her site, she was honest in writing, "I do think they are stunning pieces and they definitely can dress up a bag. However, I will definitely spend my money on bags first before splurging on accessories like these."

Hermes Clic Clac H Bracelet

Hermès is undoubtedly known for their Birkin handbags, but another one of their most-popular products is their Clic Clac H bracelets. With a $690 price tag, one would expect top-notch quality from the brand. And while the bracelet glistens in gold plating, the majority of it is actually made from metal.


According to The Luxury Closet, which specializes in buying and selling authentic luxury brands, the piece of jewelry is "made using either gold-plated or palladium-plated metal and highlighted by enamel." The Hermès official site backs up this claim with a description of their own, which states the bracelet is "in enamel with gold plated hardware."

Vlogger Christinabtv admitted that she didn't think the bracelet was worth the money and was instead "way overpriced." She further claimed similar-looking dupes cost far less. "I think the reason it's so easy to copy this bracelet is because it's not real gold ... it's plated," she explained. "So, it's very easy to copy." The vlogger added that the Hermès bracelet also scratches easily.


Hermes Le Laboratoire du Temps giant triangle

Hermès' pricey handbags can be chocked up to the many hours needed to create just one, according to The Washington Postbut for smaller accessories, the publication says consumers are actually paying for the illusion of being hard to obtain.


Brand consultant Amy Shea told The Washington Post that the tides of "luxury" have turned Hermès' favor. According to her, "expensive doesn't equal luxury," but, "luxury equals rarity." When it comes to accessories like Hermès' Le Laboratoire du Temps giant triangle, which is made of silk twill, you're not necessarily paying for the cost of silk, but for the small supply and high demand. With a $620 price tag, that's one highly in-demand scarf.

The Washington Post further pointed out the mystique of the brand by its use of month mystery boxes — where customers dole out $250 for small items crafted from workroom scraps such as leather or silk. Basically, a square of silk is costing Hermès customers a hefty price tag, but with the esteemed Hermès logo stamped on, many are buying.


Apple Watch Hermes

Hermès' most dedicated customers were in for a treat in 2015 when the brand announced they were partnering with Apple to release an Apple Watch collection. According to a joint press release, "The collaboration merges Apple's unparalleled product innovation with the heritage, iconography and craftsmanship of Hermès, creating a unique expression of Apple Watch." The downside? With the Hermès name on the watch, the price tag skyrocketed big time. While the original Apple Watch retails at $399, the Hermès version touts a price tag of $1,399.


The drastic difference is alarming considering the watches feature the same functionalities over all. Both watches feature the same stainless steel case, and according to the press release, the Hermès version "[respects] the design and functionality of the Apple Watch." The only difference between the two versions are the bands. The original watch features a sport band, while the Hermès features a leather band. A thousand bucks is a lot for a watch band, making the Apple Watch Hermès simply not worth the price.

Hermes Jumping Boot

Footwear may not come to mind when you think of Hermès, but the label offers an array of equestrian-inspired boots on the site, including the Jumping Boot." The designer pair of boots retail for $2,625, but according to The Wall Street Journal, horse lovers may want to think before they shell out the money.


A pair of riding boots from Hermès costs the equivalent of an entire wardrobe of equestrian necessities, the publication pointed out. The site revealed that with the money for one pair, a rider could go elsewhere and buy "a riding jacket, horse-head letter opener, stirrup gloves and more". The article — fittingly titled "A Pricey Pair of Riding Boots or a Whole Equestrian Ensemble?" — put into perspective just how much a pair of Hermès boots cost in comparison to other necessary riding gear. You need not spend an arm and a leg to hit the saddle, it seems.

Hermes Circus set

Forget your mother's fine china, the latest dining trend is porcelain plating for children. Hermès sells their four-piece Circus set of bowls and plates on their site for a whopping $560. According to She Knows, though, couture for kids is has become a hot market. Thus, it's no surprise the famed fashion brand would hop on the trend in some way. But is the small set — which includes a porcelain dessert plate, cereal bowl, bowl, and tumbler — worth the investment?


That's debatable. If you have a disposable income, you may be able to justify the price, but the four-piece set is being expertly marketed to the wealthy. Elizabeth Berger, a child psychiatrist and author of the parenting book Raising Kids with Character, told the publication, "People with a lot of extra dollars often spend money on high-priced items that are themselves beautiful but that also send the message, 'I am rich.'" Of course, there's also another factor to consider: Porcelain can chip and break, making it potentially dangerous for small children.

Hermes Carre Taquin beach towel

Fashion aficionados should get ready to soak up the sun this summer, because Hermès has officially designed a beach towel. Hermès' Carre Taquin beach towel retails at $580, making it the most expensive in the world, according to The Luxury Hub. In fact, when the report first surfaced, the towel "only" retailed for $530, but still reigned as the most expensive of its kind.


However, there's no flashy detailing on the towel that makes it worth that extreme price hike. "They have not gone in for embellishment with crystals or gem stones or gilded gold," the publication explained. "You might find it a bit difficult to differentiate it from other better beach towels but Hermès seems to be convinced about their brand value and you are expected to pay 400% extra for that." To add to that fact, The Luxury Hub highlighted that the towel's size – 36" X 60" — is even standard. "It is the most expensive and not the biggest," the publication added. According to Hermès' site, the terry cloth beach towel is 100 percent cotton, woven in Germany, and screen-printed in France. Still, $580 is a lot for something you're just going to put in the sand.


Hermes Ulysse PM lined notebook and cover

As chic as it may be to jot down your thoughts in a designer notebook, YouTube vlogger The Maximalist recommends saving your money instead of ordering the Hermès Ulysse PM lined notebook. The notebook refill retails online for $105 and to get the corresponding leather notebook cover, that will run you another €414 (about $460). For the vlogger who's owned the notebook for some time, he's decided it's not quite worth it. "It is literally just a piece of leather that you get and you have to also buy this notebook," he said, noting the exorbitant cost.


Additionally, he claimed the notebook is something that is more suited for fashion over function. "I like it more as a decor item versus actually using it," he told his subscribers. In fact, he'd barely used it since purchasing it. Due to the high cost of replacing the pages, it presents a conundrum for owners.

Hermes Baby Hermy plush

If you really want to make an impression at the next baby shower you attend, you could consider gifting the Hermès' Baby Hermy plush. The horse-shaped stuffed animal retails for $375 and it is definitely one luxe baby gift. That being said, the polyester-filled plush is not worth all that dough.


Designer children's clothes and items for "the holy grail" for designers, according to Larissa Faw, editor of Youth Markets Alert/Marketing to Women for EPM Communications. But not so much for the customer. "Many have tapped out all of the channels for their core customer (purses, handbags, shoes) and need a new category," she explained to She Knows. "Plus, these moms — and it's definitely women — aren't going to flinch at a triple-digit price tag because they want the best for their child, and what it says about her."

According to Faw, designer duds for kids are more of a reflection of the wants of the parents, not necessarily what the child wants or needs."These parents use their child's clothing and accessories as a way to convey their own status. The preschooler doesn't care if she is wearing Karl Lagerfeld, but her mom's friend definitely notices," she explained.


Hermes Grand Apparat bangle

As sleek and simplistic as it is, Hermès' Grand Apparat bangle comes with a sky-high price tag. The one-piece bracelet is gold plated, according to the official Hermès site. However, there are many dupes available online which feature significantly smaller price tags.


While the Grand Apparat bangle retails at $440, a strikingly similar bracelet retails on The Met museum's website for just $50. Listed as their Erté Deco Pattern Bangle, it features engraving and, like the luxury bangle, is gold plated. Both bangles are adorned with a black and gold design as well as similar detailing, but the $390 price difference is hard to ignore.

When it comes to the Hermès Grand Apparat bangle, a quick Google sweep will pull up similar jewelry products at a fraction of the price. It's a prime example of why it's worthwhile to research all your options before forking over your hard-earned cash.

Hermes Birkin bag

When it comes to handbags, nothing is more coveted than the Hermès Birkin bag, as celebs like Kylie Jenner and Lindsay Lohan well know. Without any online sales, customers are forced to shop the old-fashioned way: by trekking to a brick-and-mortar store. Often times, these consumers also end up on a years-long wait list, according to Fashion Beans. Considering luxury brands have profit margins of as high as 30 percent, according to the site, consumers are paying significantly more than production cost. But to be able to sling a Birkin bag over your shoulder, is it worth it?


Well, one thing to take into consideration is the time it takes to craft a single purse. According to Hermès' former CEO, Patrick Thomas, "there is only one craftsman responsible for the whole process of the bag" and to create a single bag, "it costs around 15 to 20 hours." Despite these details, though, Scott Gabrielson, founder of the fashion brand Oliver Cabell, believes scooping up an Hermès bag just isn't worth it. And no matter what you may have heard, investing in a Birkin bag is not a better bet than investing in gold or the stock market, BuzzFeed News confirmed.