Inside The MyPillow Guy's Relationship With His Ex-Wife

Michael Lindell, aka the MyPillow Guy, is the founder and creator of MyPillow Inc. He's also a good friend of President Trump and a magnet for controversy. In fact, the Better Business Bureau revoked the company's accreditation and lowered its rating to an "F" after a raft of complaints about the company's seemingly never-ending BOGO promotion. The CEO has made some dodgy claims about his supposed miracle pillows over the years, claiming they could cure a whole host of sleep-related disorders, including sleep apnea and insomnia.

As a result, in November 2016, MyPillow Inc. had to pay a reported $1 million fine for false advertising, according to NBC News. Aside from making dubious claims about his product, the self-professed "sleep expert", who has no formal medical training, has also endured a difficult and tumultuous love life. He had a rocky divorce from his first wife, whom he was married to for more than 20 years according to The Wealth Record, while his second marriage lasted just two weeks.

The MyPillow guy's ex-wife accused him of being boring

As reported by Star Tribune, Lindell divorced his second wife, Dallas Yocum, just a couple weeks after they tied the knot in 2013. As the MyPillow creator recalled, he told Yocum she was "distant" and "distraught" while they were out together. "She looked at me while I was driving and said 'I don't love you. I never loved you. You're boring. We don't have anything in common and you've ruined the last two years of my life,'" his new bride reportedly responded.

Yocum also complained about living in Minnesota with Lindell, far away from her loved ones — even though, according to the Trump supporter, a number of her family members actually relocated there and were working for MyPillow at the time.

The MyPillow guy's second marriage lasted just two weeks

Lindell filed for divorce from Yocum in mid-July, following their June wedding in 2013. The MyPillow CEO admitted that, when he looked back at photographs of the couple during their two year relationship, "She doesn't have the same look I have, that's for sure." Lindell took it all in stride however, assuring Star Tribune that he was gaining strength with each day that passed.

"I have not [gotten] angry," he insisted, noting he was simply sad about what had happened. Lindell, who has a strong Christian faith, even crediting God with getting him to finally quit his addiction to crack cocaine, according to an interview with CNBC, advised his dedication got him through once again. "A lot of prayer," he described his coping mechanism.

The divorce blindsided the MyPillow guy

Still, Lindell definitely didn't see the break-up coming, describing himself as "blindsided" by Yocum's behaviour to Star Tribune. He even flew to see her in the middle of the night after Yocum stopped responding to him. However, "Then people started telling me stuff out of the woodwork. People told me at the wedding she told people I'm not going to be married very long. This is very short-lived."

According to Lindell, "Everybody's got a story about how something wasn't quite right. She didn't have that gleam in her eye, she didn't have any stories to tell." At least there was a prenuptial agreement in place, so Lindell's massive fortune was safe. Yocum did, however, reportedly take the wedding ring with her. The MyPillow founder advised, "The ring was worth a lot." She was also on company payroll, according to Lindell, in spite of not actually working for them.