The MyPillow Guy's Net Worth Is Even Higher Than You Think

Mike Lindell's success story is anything but run of the mill. The entrepreneur, who is the founder and creator of MyPillow Inc., was previously addicted to drugs before, according to Lindell, God helped him both straighten up his act and provided inspiration with the best idea in the world. As he told CNBC, when it comes to his life story, "People say all the time that's one of the biggest miracles ever."

The proud Minnesota native has worked tirelessly his whole life to make something of himself, though Lindell admits he failed at everything on the road to founding MyPillow, even getting fired from the local grocery store as a teenager. He didn't finish college either, but nowadays the self-made man is proving all his doubters wrong to the tune of millions of dollars. When it comes to the MyPillow Guy, he is quite literally resting on a fortune.

The MyPillow guy is a self-made millionaire

As CNBC notes, Lindell knew nothing about making pillows when he set out to bring his creation to life, cutting up foam and testing various iterations before the design was completed. He set up a kiosk at the local mall but sold less than a hundred pillows. Thankfully, one of those buyers ran a local home show in Minneapolis and, after inviting Lindell to join him there, he sold out completely.

MyPillow was founded proper in 2004. Lindell is the inventor and patent owner of the pillow's unique design, according to Celebrity Net Worth, and has grown his company from a workforce of five to over 1,000. The company's first infomercial, released in 2011, cost around $500,000 and aired approximately 200 times a day. Over the following year, Lindell reportedly sold $100 million worth of pillows. MyPillow Inc. now generates a whopping $280 million in revenue per year.

Lindell subsequently branched out into beds, linen, and pet beds, and has manufactured around 30 million pillows to date. As he told CNBC, "I look back now, and I go, 'The only way that we were able to do that was divine intervention.'" Whether it was divine intervention or not, Lindell's gamble paid off, as Celebrity Net Worth puts his fortune at an estimate of $300 million.