The Truth About Blayke Busby From OutDaughtered

Blayke Busby of TLC's OutDaughtered is the only Busby kiddo who isn't a quint. As the first all-female set of quintuplets born in the United States, Blayke's little sisters quickly captured the hearts of Americans. However, it was the quints' older sister who had the biggest role to play. As soon as Blayke became the big sis to the quints, her life changed. And though she may not be the reason her family has their own reality television show, she's pretty spectacular.


Blayke was just a preschooler when her younger sisters, Olivia, Ava, Hazel, Parker, and Riley, were born, which means she, like her sisters, has also grown up in front of the camera. Fans have seen her transform from a little one to a young girl, and her heart for her family has forever been the forefront of who Blayke is. Of course, there's more to her than just being the older sibling of the world-famous quints. Here's the truth about Blayke Busby from OutDaughtered.

Adam and Danielle Busby struggled with infertility for years before having Blayke

Being reality television stars, Adam and Danielle Busby have gotten used to sharing intimate parts of their lives with fans all over the world. But that doesn't make it any easier to divulge what it was like before they became stars. Still, in a blog post for the family's It's A Buzz World site, Danielle wrote about how she and Adam almost didn't become parents and the struggle they endured to have Blayke Busby.


"The journey it took to have her was a long and rough road ... over two years of infertility," Danielle wrote. "For a couple who had no idea what infertility really was or what it would do to their lives, this challenge hit unexpected and just right out sucked" The Busby matriarch continued, writing, "We didn't know anyone who struggled with infertility or even if it's something you should talk about." Blayke is obviously now a fixture in the family's life and on OutDaughtered, but years ago, the Busbys weren't even sure if they would ever have a child, let alone six.

OutDaughtered's Blayke Busby is a girly girl

With children, there's really no telling how their little personalities will start to show. But for Blayke Busby, it was clear from the get-go that she was going to be a total girly girl. In fact, both Adam and Danielle Busby know that anything girly is the quickest way to Blayke's heart. In their eldest daughter's bio on the TLC website, she is even described as a little girl who "has a fantastic sense of style with her signature bow. She loves anything pink and girly."


Blayke's affinity for pink and glitter knows no bounds. In a blog post for the It's A Buzz World blog, Danielle wrote that she had a hard time getting Blayke to dress up as something other than a princess for Halloween, settling on quite the creative compromise. "I guess a 'sparkle witch' is as close to a princess she can get to on Halloween, without being a princess," Danielle wrote. "That girl! She is so girly," her mom continued, writing that she was unsure from where the OutDaughtered star got that side of her personality. But hey, she just knows what she likes — and there's nothing wrong with that.

OutDaughtered's Blayke Busby is the ultimate big sister

As the oldest sister, Blayke Busby is no stranger to the challenges that come with having younger siblings. However, with five younger sisters, it would be understandable for Blayke to be pretty overwhelmed and get tired of dealing with it all. But, according to Adam and Danielle Busby, she's impressively flexible for someone her age.


In a birthday post for It's A Buzz World celebrating Blayke's eighth birthday, Danielle wrote that she was confident Blayke was made to be a big sister. "[God] created you knowing you would be given a huge responsibility to become a big sister" Danielle opined. "Not many little girls could adapt well with having quintuplet sisters ... but you amaze me everyday with the motherly love you have for your sisters!" For a child to adjust from being an only child to one of six had to have been an adjustment, but OutDaughtered's Blayke Busby totally nails the big sister thing.

Blayke Busby will always be her parents' little princess

Juggling six children, all of which are girls and each with their own unique personalities, has to present a myriad of challenges. However, the Busby family manages to care for all their children with an outpouring of love. And when it comes to making their oldest daughter, Blayke Busby, feel special, Adam and Danielle Busby have it down to a science. In fact, it doesn't take much because they know she will always be their little princess.


In a post introducing Blayke to the world for the It's A Buzz World blog, Danielle explained that even their friends and family, or anyone who'd ever met Blayke, would describe her as a "little princess who always has a bow in her hair." Although Danielle said some might dub her "bossy," her mom said "she is perfect in every way." Even though her five younger sisters might steal the spotlight every now and then, she will always be her parent's first princess.

Blayke Busby gets embarrassed by her sisters

Most older siblings are pretty used to being embarrassed by the antics of their younger siblings. Little brothers and/or sisters seem to just have a gift for annoying their older counterparts. As sweet and loving as Blayke Busby may be, that doesn't mean she is immune to feeling frustrated with her little sisters.


In a post for her It's A Buzz World blog, Danielle Busby asked her oldest daughter 13 questions about herself. And even though Blayke said that it still amazes her "that [she's] a big sister to five sisters," she also admitted her biggest pet peeve: "When my sisters are being embarrassing in front of other people." Hey, Blayke is a great big sister as we've all seen on OutDaughtered, but she still has her limits on how much she can take when it comes to sharing space with her siblings. And — real talk — who could blame her?

Blayke Busby has always been a great helper

It takes a special kind of child to be able to deal with having five younger siblings, especially when there are also cameras following you around as you adjust to your new life. Of course, Blayke Busby is a pretty special kid. In fact, the OutDaughtered star's parents consider her to be one of the best and biggest sources of help, especially when they first came home from the hospital with the quints.


"From the day that she found out that she was going to have five sisters she played with five baby dolls at a time," Danielle Busby revealed to People during an interview. "She has been so hands on. She'll say: 'Oh, let me get you the wipes.' She's so smart." With the quints having gotten older, Blayke doesn't have to help her parents out as much as she once did, but the fact that she's so willing to proves that she was raised well.

OutDaughtered's Blayke Busby is all about school

If you watch just one episode of OutDaughtered, you'll probably pick up on the fact that Blayke Busby is a pretty extraordinary kid. Not only does she help take good care of her little sisters and show them nothing but kindness, she also actually enjoys school.


In a blog post for It's A Buzz World, Danielle explained how everyone was feeling about going back to school after summer break. "We have enjoyed all our time together this summer with lots of family time together and fun adventures," she wrote. "But I can tell Blayke is ready to get back in school." Additionally, in a video documenting her first day back to school, Blayke seemed especially excited to get the school year going, despite not knowing many in her class.

When she got picked up from school, Blayke was all smiles and in a great mood, clearly indicating that she had a good first day of school. Later, when Danielle asked her if she liked it, she explained that she did and was even more excited for the next day. Honestly, could you ask for a better attitude?


Sometimes Blayke Busby just needs a break from her OutDaughtered costars

As great of a kid and big sister as Blayke Busby is, she sometimes needs a break from the quints. In an exclusive look at a 2018 OutDaughtered episode shared by People, Danielle Busby explained that Blayke was having to deal with a lot with her sisters. "Blayke loves her sisters, but honestly, she can only take them for so long before she hits her breaking point," Danielle revealed in the clip. "And that's when we have to step in." Adam echoed that sentiment, feeling sorry for his oldest daughter. "Poor Blayke I mean, what she has to put up with sometimes... ."


There's no denying that Blayke Busby loves her quintuplet sisters, but dealing with five little girls all the time has to be exhausting. As such, Adam and Danielle Busby decided to enroll Blayke in gymnastics, where she could have some time to herself. As Danielle said, "She's definitely earned it."

Blayke Busby has a special relationship with her dad

With six kiddos in the Busby household, it can be easy for Blayke Busby to get lost in the mix. But fortunately for her, Blayke has great parents who are both intentional in everything they do for their kids. For example, Blayke has a really special relationship with her dad and to help strengthen that bond, Adam decided to help his oldest daughter truly feel like a princess during one episode of OutDaughtered.


In the episode, Adam tells Blayke he wants to take her to the daddy-daughter dance while presenting her with a bouquet of flowers. Her immediate response was a simple yet adorable "yay!" Adam told the cameras, "It's really important to me that Blayke has a magical night." And she definitely did have a magical night. She rode in a limo, wore a pretty dress, and basically got to be "the belle of the ball," as Adam put it. The daddy-daughter bond is real, and something that Blayke holds dearly.

OutDaughtered's Blayke Busby has always had a big imagination

Fans of OutDaughtered are used to seeing Blayke Busby as the older sister of the quints and, because of that, might not realize that she's still just a little kid too. In fact, she used to be the only little kid in her parents' lives, and when Adam and Danielle look back on what Blayke was like as a baby and throughout the years, one aspect of her personality sticks out: her imagination.


"Blayke always had the best stories," Danielle recalled of her oldest daughter in a blog post for It's A Buzz World. "[Always] so full of creative ideas and visions. Half the time the stories never made sense but that is what made them so great and what makes us laugh so much." Blayke has gotten older and is now an incredible role model for her younger sisters, but clearly the stories she made up back in the day were so out there that her parents still remember them.

Blayke Busby has a clear vision for her future

Though Blayke Busby is young, she already has an idea of what she wants to be when she grows up. "She has the kindest heart and is always thinking of others," Danielle wrote in a post for It's A Buzz World. She continued, "At the age of seven she wants to be a veterinarian, this girl is obsessed with animals." Having a big heart and an affinity for helping others are definitely the kind of traits you would want in your vet, so Blayke may not be that far off in her vision for the future.


In one episode of OutDaughtered, Blayke and the quints got the present of a lifetime when their dad brought home something they had all been asking for. When Adam surprised the entire family with a puppy, Blayke was clearly pleased and even held the dog like a baby, showering him with love. Blayke is a total animal lover, and whether she ends up being a vet or not, she clearly has a heart for animals.

Blayke Busby is athletic like her parents

While Adam and Danielle Busby aren't exactly professional athletes, both enjoy working out, something their social media posts make very clear. In fact, Adam lists himself as a "fit dad" in his Instagram bio and Danielle considers herself a "fitness lover." It seems as though Blayke Busby has inherited that same sporty quality as well.


In one Instagram post, Adam and Danielle revealed that Blayke had started to enjoy the basketball hoop they'd put up. "Love how Blayke has taken to basketball and look at those HOPS!" The parents continued, writing, "She can even hold her own with [Danielle] in H.O.R.S.E!"

Additionally, in a blog post for Blayke's ninth birthday, Danielle explained that her eldest daughter "tried out volleyball this year." Although Danielle revealed that Blayke still "loves to learn, especially about all kinds of animals," it seems Blayke could end up being a professional athlete if the whole vet thing doesn't work out!

Blayke Busby has gotten more confident over the years

Since being introduced to the world as a preschooler on OutDaughtered, Blayke Busby has really matured. Both Adam and Danielle Bubsy noticed that Blayke has really started to come out of her shell. "Blayke has developed so much confidence this year and you can definitely see it in her pose here!" Adam and Danielle captioned a photo of Blayke. "She is always up for a photo shoot with daddy."


Additionally, Danielle took to the It's A Buzz World blog to share how Blayke had changed since turning nine years old. "This year has brought on a lot more confidence in her, and we have loved seeing this," Danielle wrote. Even though she had only just turned nine, Blayke cited that her "one wish" is "to go to college." Blayke has truly turned into a confident, empowered young woman — and one that is wise beyond her years.

OutDaughtered's Blayke Busby is practically a celebrity

Blayke Busby may not be the only star of TLC's OutDaughtered, but she's still reached celebrity status in some ways. As it happens, the Busby family received a fair amount of criticism after Adam Busby shared a sweet video of Blayke getting to FaceTime with YouTube star JoJo Siwa for her birthday. But Adam wasn't having any of that and even explained that his family wasn't exactly a normal family. 


"With all due respect, our family is a little extraordinary," he wrote back to a troll on social media (via In Touch Weekly). "My children are celebrities themselves and over the years have worked with and made friendships with other celebrities. We have shot videos with JoJo and posted photos with other celebrities over the years. That's no surprise to people." Adam continued, writing, "Don't take a sweet thing that I did for my child and try to see some sort of negative in it." Honestly, Adam is right. Blayke Busby is a reality TV star and is thus unlike many other kids her age.