How Much Boise Boys' Clint And Luke Are Really Worth

HGTV's Boise Boys follows two, er, men from Boise, Idaho, as they traverse their beloved hometown remodeling and flipping neglected properties. As co-owners of Timber and Love, Luke and Clint are in each other's pockets constantly and the show smartly highlights their easy rapport with each other. However, in spite of how well these two lads get along onscreen, enough to power a whole show about them, they're essentially opposites.

Luke is the more creative one, constantly brimming with ideas, while Clint is the practical, contractor side of their duo, the one who make those grand plans a reality. As Reality Star Facts reports, in a previous life, Luke was a touring musician while Clint was a business attorney, but their wildly divergent paths somehow led them to founding Timber and Love together back in 2015. Boise Boys followed just a few years later in 2018, and the rest is history. So, how much are these two actually worth?

Boise Boys' Clint has worked a million different jobs

It's difficult to parse just how much these HGTV stars are actually banking these days, since their net worth isn't publicly known, either separately or combined. We do know that Texas native Clint has been interested in real estate for years, even though he initially got a degree in business and law from Texas Christian University.

Over the years, Clint has had a variety of jobs, including as a business attorney, CPA, contractor, real estate broker and developer, and an entrepreneur, even appearing on The Apprentice prior to Boise Boys. Reality Star Facts estimates, therefore, that he's worth about $200,000. Celeb Pie reports the same figure.

Boise Boys' Luke found his passion on the road

Luke, meanwhile, is a native of Boise whose time spent working as a musician, traversing the U.S., informed his design tastes. His passion for real estate came from a desire to provide for his children, with the reality star purchasing a property for renovation at an auction and instantly catching the property bug.

Reality Star Facts estimates he's worth about the same as Clint, noting HGTV hosts make on average $75,000 annually. That number, combined with his profits from Timber and Love, likely puts him close to his buddy, if not exactly in the same bracket. It's worth noting that Trend Celebs Now approximates Luke's net worth is much higher, somewhere between $1 to 5 million, which is purely conjecture. But if Boise Boys continues on its upward streak and grows even more in popularity, the hosts might not be far off that figure very soon.