Inside Barack And Michelle Obama's Beautiful Martha's Vineyard Estate

Barack and Michelle Obama's beautiful Martha's Vineyard estate seems to be ripped from the pages of a storybook. 

Martha's Vineyard, a picturesque Massachusetts island, has been a vacation favorite for many Presidents and first families, from the Kennedys to the Clintons. Lately, however, the Obamas have been amongst the island's most regular presidential visitors — spending time than ever on the island since President Obama's time in office. And while visiting the island may be thoroughly enjoyable, the former first family decided to plant roots and buy a stunning mansion on the island.


As reported by People, in December 2019, the Obamas spent a cool $11.75 million to buy their 6,892-square-foot home dream home, which sits on a stunning 29 private acres. While almost $12 million may sound like a high price to pay for a vacation home, this luxurious Martha's Vineyard estate is well worth the hefty price tag. Here's a look inside Barack and Michelle Obama's beautiful Martha's Vineyard estate.

Barack and Michelle Obama's Martha's Vineyard estate is massive

Barack and Michelle Obama's Martha's Vineyard estate is certainly dreamy.

Martha's Vineyard is known for beautiful homes and stunning beaches. So, it's no wonder why the Obamas wanted to spring for a home-away-from-home on the island — and they didn't skimp, either. The mansion they chose, located on Edgartown Great Pond, is enormous. The home boasts almost 7,000 square feet, 7 bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms, a private pool, and multiple living rooms, according to the estate's real estate listing. And with 29 private acres of manicured lawns, greenery, and beach, this estate has a little bit of everything.


While almost $12 million may seem like a high price to pay for a vacation home, it seems the Obamas actually got a good deal on the mansion. When the previous owner, Wycliffe Grousbeck (owner of the Boston Celtics) first listed the estate in 2015, he set the price at a whopping $22.5 million, according to Realtor. However, Grousbeck later cut the price to $16,250,000, and finally sold it to the Obamas in 2019 for just $11.75 million. 

Barack and Michelle Obama's Martha's Vineyard estate has a grand staircase

Barack and Michelle Obama's Martha's Vineyard estate is the definition of elegance.

A grand home needs a grand features, so it's a good thing that the Obamas' new vacation home has such a large, elegant, wrap-around staircase. While modern black railings may be all the rage in other celebrity homes, the Obamas chose a house with a more classic look. This staircase is lovely, with medium tone wood on the treads, white risers, white railings, and a thick wood hand rail. This staircase look gives the entryway a sophisticated charm while still looking modern and fresh. Views of this lovely staircase are a perfect way to welcome guests into this beautiful home!


Maybe the Obamas will take their holiday photos lined up on the staircase Brady Bunch-style. Or maybe they'll use it to make grand entrances for fabulous parties they could throw at their Martha's Vineyard home. Either way, this staircase is definitely a show-stopper, and was probably a big selling point for the former first family.

Barack and Michelle Obama's Martha's Vineyard estate has interesting modern architecture

Martha's Vineyard has a sophisticated feel and classic style, so most people would likely expect Barack and Michelle Obama's Martha's Vineyard estate to be filled with old-world looks and traditional designs.


However, the Obamas went a different direction, choosing a home that is filled with modern architecture and interesting design features. One particularly exciting feature is the ceiling in the home's circular sitting room. The high ceiling is accented with cement pillars and large wood beams that give the space a more modern look. 

According to the Chicago Tribune the Obamas' Martha's Vineyard estate was custom designed for the last owner, Boston Celtics' owner Wycliffe Grousbeck — so the former owner must have loved this industrial-modern aesthetic. However, do the Obamas love it as much as Grousbeck did? As of this writing, the cement pillars are still up, and the high ceiling continues to be an eye-catcher. Perhaps the Obamas will mix and match these industrial-modern features in the sitting room with some of their own modern furniture,  or perhaps they'll one day renovate the space and opt for an entirely different vibe. Either way, this sitting room is sure to look great!


There's a very grand living room inside Barack and Michelle Obama's Martha's Vineyard estate

Barack and Michelle Obama's Martha's Vineyard estate is the perfect place for the former first family to spend the long, summer months. And, sooner or later, the Obamas can probably expect some high-profile guests to stop by for a visit. So, it was likely important to the Obamas that their Martha's Vineyard estate have a formal living room where they could sit comfortably with their guests and chat.


The living room in the gorgeous home features modern architecture — just like much of the house — with wood beams that come down from the ceiling for a grand statement. However, this room also has a bit of a medieval flair. With tall ceilings, warm uplighting on the walls, and a grand stone fireplace, this space looks positively regal. 

While it's not clear if the Obamas decided to keep the unique style of the interior or if they purchased it with intent to redecorate with their own personal flair, but either way, the room has lots of potential. With lots of space and plenty of large windows bringing in tons of natural light, this space is perfect for welcoming guests.

Barack and Michelle Obama's Martha's Vineyard estate features a large family room perfect for playing pool

Barack and Michelle Obama — as well as their daughters, Sasha and Malia Obama –are a tight-knit family. 

In a December 2016 interview, Michelle Obama told People that her husband's presidency helped the family bond even more. "It's definitely brought us closer," she said of their time in the White House. So, it makes perfect sense that the family would look for a Martha's Vineyard estate that has plenty of great living spaces in which they can spend quality time together. 


Of course, the estate boasts a formal living room, multiple sitting rooms, and a dining room — but there's also a more casual family room that's perfect for family fun nights. The laid-back space has a big fireplace, lots of windows, and warm wood floors that give the room a homey feel. In the estate's listing photos, the space is pictured with a pool table, which — if it remains — the Obamas are sure to enjoy. Though, even if the family decides to forgo the pool table, this cozy room is perfect for family movie nights, game nights, and casual gatherings with friends and extended family.

Barack and Michelle Obama's Martha's Vineyard estate has a clean, white kitchen perfect for Michelle's healthy cooking

Barack and Michelle Obama's Martha's Vineyard estate has an enviable kitchen.

Michelle Obama is famously known for her healthy lifestyle and nutritious eating. As Cooking Light reports, the former first lady started focusing on making healthy meals at home after becoming concerned about the health of daughters, Malia and Sasha Obama. When she started seeing a noticeable improvement in the girls' health, Michelle was determined to maintain the family's healthy eating habits.


It's safe to say Michelle likely spends a lot of time in the beautiful kitchen located inside the Obama family's Martha's Vineyard home. This kitchen is a mix of classic and modern — which is the perfect aesthetic for this former first lady. Featuring clean, white tile, sparkling countertops, and new appliances, the kitchen also has some old-world charm with wood paneling on the island, glass cabinets and classic wood flooring. And you can be sure this lavish kitchen is filled with lots of fruits and vegetables, as fresh veggies are an important part of what Michelle Obama eats in a day.

Barack and Michelle Obama's Martha's Vineyard estate has circular dining room perfect for family dinners

In Barack and Michelle Obama's Martha's Vineyard estate, the dining room makes for the perfect gathering place.

In Jodi Kantor's 2012 book, The Obamas, the author revealed that President Obama loves having dinner with his family. In fact, the book reports that he refused to let his work pull him away from dinner with his family more than twice a week. So, it only makes sense that the Obamas would want a good dining space in their Martha's Vineyard home to have their nightly meals together.


While formal dining rooms can feel stuffy and prim, the Obamas chose a house with a dining room that departs from the grand, traditional look and seems much cozier for every day meals. This dining room is circular — and pictured in the home's listing photos is a large circular dining table big enough to fit ten. As the listing photos show, the space is also pictured dressed up with a stylish chandelier that holds candles and windows that give this room absolutely stunning views. 

Barack and Michelle Obama's Martha's Vineyard estate boasts a stunning master bedroom and bathroom worthy of the President and First Lady

Barack and Michelle Obama's gorgeous Martha's Vineyard estate boasts a master bedroom that is totally Pinterest-worthy.

When President Obama was in office, he was known to work late — usually calling it quits around 11:30, according to the New York Times. But these days, Obama probably enjoys more shut-eye. And what better place to get some well-deserved rest than in this stunning master suite located inside his Martha's Vineyard home? The spacious bedroom boasts a fireplace, beige carpets, and clean white walls to give this master retreat a relaxed, cozy feel. To make the room feel even bigger, there are windows above the bed, as well as full-length glass doors to provide plenty of natural light.


And who could forget the master bathroom? This stunning bathroom may even be more impressive than the bedroom, with white cabinets and gray countertops, double-sided vanity mirrors, tons of storage, and bright pendant lights. There's even a large bathtub with a view of the yard, making this master bath both stylish and luxurious.

Barack and Michelle Obama's Martha's Vineyard estate has large guest rooms

Barack and Michelle Obama's spacious Martha's Vineyard estate may have a stunning master suite, but the guest rooms inside the home are just as gorgeous!

The former first family's mansion has a total of six guest rooms, which means there's plenty of space if Sasha or Malia Obama ever want to invite their friends over for a weekend on the island! One of the rooms pictured in the home's listing is a beautiful bedroom that is so large it seems to almost rival the master bedroom. With crown molding to give it a classic look, elegant curtains, and lots of space for a large, cozy bed, this is certainly a room for the Obama daughters to fight over. 


Another bedroom pictured in the listing seems to be an adorable kids' room, featuring two sets of bunk beds pushed against the walls. The guest room has large windows that let in lots of natural light, in addition to providing a great view of the trees and massive yard outside. 

There are 8.5 luxurious bathrooms inside Barack and Michelle Obama's Martha's Vineyard estate

Barack and Michelle Obama's gorgeous Martha's Vineyard estate boasts plenty of guest rooms, but it also has several incredibly luxurious bathrooms. 

According to the listing for the expansive Martha's Vineyard estate, the home has eight full baths, plus one half-bath. While that many bathrooms may sound like a big job on cleaning day, at least there will never be a line for the toilet in this house! As noted by the listing, there's a guest restroom placed conveniently under the stairs in the foyer, plus other full bathrooms upstairs for the convenience of the Obama family's guests.


Of course, the design of these bathrooms follows the sleek, but charmingly classic look of the rest of the house. The two bathrooms pictured in the listing are both similar in size and style, with both restrooms styled in white to give the spaces a modern-yet-homey feel. These bathrooms feature glass-door showers, clean white subway tile on the walls, and silver finishings. They also have gray vanity countertops that match the master bathroom's countertops, elegant mirrors, and windows featuring beautiful outdoor views.

There's a jacuzzi on second floor balcony of Barack and Michelle Obama's Martha's Vineyard estate

Clearly, Barack and Michelle Obama like to vacation in style, because their Martha's Vineyard estate features one breathtaking amenity: a massive balcony off of the master bedroom, complete with a hot tub. Barack and Michelle Obama can open their bedroom door on a cool morning and jump in the spa should they choose. Hey, that doesn't sound too shabby!


Not only does this balcony boast lots of sitting space (perfect for sun bathing), but it also has gorgeous views of the estate which will make lounging in the hot tub even more luxurious. And while this space is conveniently located, it also features a staircase from the deck, down the side of the home, leading down to the yard. This is extra convenient in case Barack and Michelle ever want to go from the hot tub to the pool without worrying about tracking water through the house. 

While the rest of the home is gorgeous all on its own, the balcony really makes this Martha's Vineyard mansion seem like the perfect place to spend the summer! 

Barack and Michelle Obama's Martha's Vineyard estate has a screened-in porch with a fireplace for lounging

Barack and Michelle Obama's stunning Martha's Vineyard vacation home has plenty of space inside. And, with 29 acres, it boasts tons of outdoor space, too. But what about the indoor-outdoor space?

For those cool evenings when the family wants to spend time in the fresh air while not giving up all the comforts of being inside, this Obamas have a screened-in porch on their Martha's Vineyard estate — perfect for relaxed evenings at home. This porch comes complete with a big stone-and-brick fireplace, white columns, gray tile floors, and lots of room for sitting around the fire as a family. In the listing, the screened-in porch is pictured with plenty of seats around a lovely gray coffee table, making the space feel comfortable and casual.


The space is in a great location, too. Situated just underneath the master bedroom, this porch has lovely views of the vast backyard. With a view like that, it's sure to be one of the Obamas' favorite spots to kick back, relax, and enjoy some quality time together.

Barack and Michelle Obama's Martha's Vineyard estate has a gorgeous pool, with a pool-side basketball net

Barack and Michelle Obama's beautiful Martha's Vineyard estate allows for plenty of outdoor activities — which is good, since this family famously enjoys staying active.

It's no secret that Barack Obama loves basketball. The former president played basketball back when he was in school, and — according to the White House archives – had the White House tennis courts converted to a basketball court soon after moving in. According to the Washington Post, he's even discussed the possibility of owning an NBA team one day.


So, perhaps it's surprising that Obama doesn't have a basketball court on his massive Martha's Vineyard estate. However, while he doesn't have a spacious basketball court yet, one listing photo does show a small basketball hoop on the edge of the home's pool. The pool itself is beautiful, with lots of room for a table and plenty of space for lounge chairs. Plus, there are large trees and greenery around the area to provide both privacy and shade. This is the perfect place for the Obama family to relax by the water, have a pool party, or just shoot some casual hoops.

Barack and Michelle Obama's Martha's Vineyard estate has a private boathouse and private beachfront perfect for secluded vacations

While Barack and Michelle Obama's entire Martha's Vineyard estate is certainly lavish, perhaps one of the most extravagant features is the private beachfront with a boathouse, which the listing refers to as "pristine." 


As seen in the listing for the property, the estate features a paved walkway from the house all the way down to the private beach, where the Obamas can relax in the sunshine, go for a swim, or even hop on a private boat and sail away. The listing photos even show boats and paddle boards all lined up and ready to go!

Of course, it seems the former president is already practiced when it comes to boating. In June 2019, Barack was seen on a speed boat with George Clooney near the actor's Lake Como home (via USA Today). One thing's for sure: the Obamas will certainly make lots of memories on the water at their lavish vacation spot. Hey, maybe Clooney will even join the Obamas for a weekend at Martha's Vineyard!