Here's How The ACE Family's Austin And Catherine Met

Catherine Paiz and Austin McBroom, known collectively to their legions of YouTube fans as The ACE Family, are the picture of marital bliss. The social media influencer and basketball player are a match made in heaven and were together long before their channel became a mega-hit. In fact, it's kind of impossible to imagine them apart, particularly as their little family continues to grow with each new gorgeous addition.

As Newsweek advises, the happy couple launched their channel back in 2016, shortly after the birth of their daughter Elle. At first, their content consisted mostly of pranks and other comedic challenges, but they soon pivoted to more family-friendly stuff. As a result, Catherine and Austin are considered both couple and family goals by their viewers. Unsurprisingly, at least for anyone familiar with their brand, the two have been ride or dies for quite a while at this stage.

It wasn't quite love at first sight for The ACE Family's Austin and Catherine

The two originally met at a dinner party, back in 2015, as Austin relayed to Power 106 Los Angeles. As far as he's concerned, Catherine was into him from the outset. "Got there, shook her hand, and she was thinking about me ever since," he joked. Clearly there was chemistry from that very first meeting, but their first date didn't even end with a hug, as sadly Catherine wasn't actually head over heels just yet. Austin was undeterred however, confessing his love for Catherine soon after. She reportedly "just kind of ignored" him, which threw the basketball pro off.

As Catherine reasoned to Power 106 Los Angeles, she wasn't used to grand declarations so early on. "I just wasn't used to like, things happening so quick, and things being so real so quick," she admitted. While answering fan questions, the influencer revealed she'd only had bad relationships leading up to Austin, so Catherine just assumed theirs wouldn't last either (via YouTube).

They did last, of course, with the couple tying the knot around 2018, and are now parents to three children. In a post welcoming their son, Steel, this past June, Austin gushed, "Our family is now complete" (via Instagram). And ET Canada notes their accompanying video quickly nabbed the No.1 spot on YouTube's trending page, collecting millions of views in a matter of hours.