Bryan Baeumler Reveals The Thing He Can't Live Without

Bryan Baeumler has had quite a trajectory in life, becoming a bonafide reality TV star in his home country of Canada, before transitioning over to American audiences thanks to his insanely addictive show Renovation Island. Following Bryan and his wife, Sarah, along with their gaggle of adorable children, as they struggle to renovate and restore an island resort in South Andros, Bahamas, the show appealed to fans of home renovation shows. Plus, it allowed viewers to feel more full invested by focusing entirely on one renovation over the course of the season.


The Baeumlers are set to tell their incredible story from the very beginning with Renovation, Inc., their brand-new show that takes a look back at how they got started in the business, tracking their every move until finally landing in the Bahamas. With their luxury resort, Caerula Mar Club, finally up and running, Bryan has the opportunity to take a look back at what's really important in life, with (hopefully) the hardest parts of his journey in the past. 

There's nothing more important to Bryan Baeumler than family

There are plenty of things the Baeumlers wish they'd known before starting Renovation IslandLikewise, there are life lessons they hope their kids learned from the challenging process of making their dream come true. But Bryan is a simple guy with simple needs at the end of the day, and when questioned about the one thing he couldn't possibly live without, the reality star's answer was clear. "Apart from my family, I think I could live without anything, really," he told HGTV Canada.


Bryan quickly added, "I'd like to at least have a flint and a rock." It makes sense, considering there were likely times, during the extensive renovation process on South Andros, that the Baeumlers only really had each other. With weather conditions to contend with, the isolation of the island itself affecting their ability to source supplies and labor, and plenty more troubles, their family bond became stronger and even more crucial.

But there's one thing Bryan could live without, or rather two: email and voicemail, admitting he doesn't check either.