The Tough Decision The Baeumler Family Made About Their Kids' Education

The Baeumlers had plenty of setbacks on the road to making their dream of owning and operating a luxury Bahamian resort come true, as fans of their hit HGTV show, Renovation Island, can attest. When the season kicked off, it seemed like an impossible task, but somehow the intrepid duo made it happen. Bryan Baeumler is the licensed contractor, equally matched in enthusiasm by wife Sarah, who has a keen eye for design. Along with their four young children, Quintyn, Charlotte, Lincoln and Josephine, the Baeumlers proved anything is possible when you really put your mind to it.

Although the isolated island locale of South Andros is certainly an idyllic spot to run a business and raise a family, living in this part of the Bahamas also presented certain issues, particularly when it came to the kids' education. However, just like everything else they had to figure out along the way, the intrepid entrepreneurs made it work.

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler did what was best for their kids

During an episode of Renovation Island, Sarah explained how the couple originally were homeschooling the three youngest children upon first arriving in the island paradise (via House Beautiful). However, as the renovation project got more complicated, and their schedules got busier, the couple opted to enroll Lincoln, Josephine, and Charlotte in a local school instead. Eldest child, Quintyn, meanwhile, was enrolled in boarding school so he could have a more normal high school experience. Thankfully, the school is just a 20-minute flight from the island. 

Everything the family sacrificed to bring the resort to life was clearly worth it as Caerula Mar Club is open to the public and garnering equally impressive reviews from visitors and critics. Likewise, Bryan and Sarah have nabbed another reality show, Renovation, Inc., that details how they got from Canada to South Andros, building a successful home renovation business in the process, all while juggling family life.