The Huge Difference Between The Baeumlers And The Gaineses

Even though they left HGTV a while back — taking their show, Fixer Upper, with them – Chip and Joanna Gaines remain the undisputed king and queen of the home renovation network. However, with the release of Renovation Island, the Gaines' long reign may finally be over. The newer show is headed up by another madly in love couple, Canadians Bryan and Sarah Baeumler. Similar to the Chip and Joanna, they work together and bicker a lot, but at the end of the day, nothing is more important to them than getting the job done.

That job, in vast contrast to anything the all-conquering Gaineses have taken on thus far, saw the Baeumlers restoring and renovating a neglected beachside resort on the island of Andros in the Bahamas. Although it was certainly a massive pull for viewers, there's at least one significant reason Chip and Joanna shouldn't be worried about giving up their spot to the Baeumlers just yet.

Renovation Island is a very different show from Fixer Upper

First and foremost, as CheatSheet points out, the audiences for the two shows are vastly different. Fixer Upper is all about restoring homes for families in need. Viewers can easily fantasize about hiring Chip and Joanna to give their own places a makeover. Renovation Island, on the other hand, focuses on the Baeumler family and their unique struggle to getting their resort, Caerula Mar Club (which finally opened earlier this year), up and running.

While the Gaineses have to contend with faulty plumbing, mold issues, and everything else that could go wrong in a house, the Baeumlers have a whole bunch of properties to contend with, as well as the isolation of island life and the issues their location presents with getting supplies and workers in, etc.

The Baeumlers bicker a lot more than the Gaineses

Although the focus on family is admirable, Bryan and Sarah definitely butt heads more than Chip and Joanna do. As viewers have pointed out, Sarah is intent on doing the best job possible, while Bryan is more concerned about getting things done, so they can open and start earning money. Sarah has also been accused of making last-minute changes that derail the project. Certain fans have even accused her of acting spoiled.

As CheatSheet advises, one Twitter user complained, "I liked Bryan until his wife appeared on the scene. She is whiney and has ridiculous taste and is generally not likable as a TV  personality." While another argued, "It's all about her," and even suggested, "I'd like the show if she wasn't on it." However, certain fans see it from Sarah's perspective, with one accusing Bryan of "belittling" her and "mansplaining" to her. Regardless of what viewers might think, clearly the working relationship is beneficial to the Baeumlers. Not only did they bring their dream to life, but they're still happily together, both as a couple and a team.