The Weirdest Contestant Introductions In Bachelor History

When it comes to The Bachelor, there are a few things that contestants can do to set themselves apart. They can be good at the competitive aspects of the show, charming, funny — or they can make a first impression that sticks with everyone. 


The latter seems to be the most popular tactic used by contestants on The Bachelor who want to make sure they don't fade into the crowd. After all, it's only natural that every woman who appears on The Bachelor wants to make herself stand out to the potential love of her life when she first meets him. But to say there are a few examples of contestants on The Bachelor going overboard with their introductions would be a huge understatement. 

As fans know, every season premiere of the hit ABC show features multiple contestants whose first impressions are definitely a bit odd, to say the least. And more often than not, these first impressions involve a costume, prop, or cheesy pickup line of some kind. Here's a look at the weirdest contestant introductions in Bachelor history.


Brittney Schreiner used her grandmother to help make a good first impression on The Bachelor

The Bachelor gets a lot of heat for not featuring older women on the show. However, fans must have forgotten this entrance featuring a contestant's grandmother.

Brittney Schreiner made quite the first impression on Season 16 of The Bachelor. Fans at home — as well as Bachelor Ben Flajnik — were shocked to see a 72-year-old woman step out of the limo during the season premiere, only to learn that she just wanted to introduce him to her granddaughter Brittney, who would actually be on the show.


It was a startling moment, but undeniably sweet and imaginative on Brittney's part. After all, who doesn't love meeting a sweet, adorable grandma who just wants her granddaughter to find love? Unfortunately, Brittney's one-of-a-kind entrance didn't score her any extra points with Ben, and she ended up sending herself home during the third week of the show. She later explained to People why she decided to leave, saying she just didn't feel "that spark" with Ben. Brittney added that her grandma was sad things didn't work out, since she was a huge fan of The Bachelor.

Robyn Howard almost injured herself during her Bachelor limo exit

The Bachelor isn't Fear Factor, so most Bachelor contestants don't have to worry about injuring themselves in physical stunts. However, that's exactly what nearly happened to Robyn Howard during The Bachelor's Season 17 premiere.


When you try to impress that man in front of a camera (and millions of people watching at home), you have to consider that something might go wrong. Unfortunately, Robyn learned this lesson the hard way after serving up one of the weirdest contestant introductions in Bachelor history.

Robyn introduced herself by trying to show off her acrobatic skills to Bachelor Sean Lowe. At first, it seemed that Robyn was going to nail her landing as she did a series of handsprings in a gold, sparkly dress towards Sean. But then, she lost her balance and ended up tripping and looking completely embarrassed. It was something that would go down in Bachelor history, but at the time, Robyn was just trying to make herself known. She and Sean didn't end up together, but at least she tried her best — and learned a lesson she'll never forget!


Lindsay Yenter introduced herself while in a wedding gown on The Bachelor

On The Bachelor, being unique and setting yourself apart from the other contestants is absolutely crucial. However, there have been some instances in which a contestant has stood out for the wrong reasons, and subsequently been eliminated. 


With that in mind, it can be hard for each woman that goes on the show to find the right balance between being unique and being too unique that it scares off their potential husband. Lindsay Yenter, who competed for Bachelor Sean Lowe's heart on the seventeenth season of The Bachelor, might have almost crossed that line with her initial introduction.

When Lindsay stepped out of the limo on the first night of Sean Lowe's season, she took his breath away by appearing in an actual wedding dress. Lindsay then attempted to kiss Sean, and her fearless confidence was palpable. While Sean laughed at Lindsay's dress, it obviously didn't scare him away, as the contestant ended up being Sean's runner-up to his now-wife, Catherine Giudici. Lindsay is also happily married now, so clearly that wedding dress was a look into both Sean and Lindsay's futures — just not their future together.


Chantal O'Brien's Bachelor slap will never be forgotten

Sometimes, on The Bachelor, a contestant (or even the suitor themselves) will do something so surprising and shocking that the viewers at home, along with the contestants, can't believe what just happened. And on Brad Womack's first run on The Bachelor, that's exactly what happened. 


As viewers saw during Season 11, Brad failed to propose to either of his final two women, breaking multiple hearts and causing many, many tears. So, when Brad returned in Season 15 to try again for a chance at love, the contestants weren't exactly thrilled to see him. This was especially true for Chantal O'Brien, who delivered an iconic contestant introduction.

"I have to say, I watched your season and I have something for you," Chantal said, according to Bachelor Nation, after she stepped out of the limo and gained her composure. Chantal continued, saying, "It's not from me; it's from every woman in America." Then, she slapped him. Fortunately, it wasn't too hard of a slap — and even Brad admitted he probably deserved it. Surprisingly enough, Chantal ended up being Brad's runner-up.


Carly Wadell's singing on The Bachelor was certainly something

Season 19 of The Bachelor saw contestants from all over the country try to woo Chris Soules, and Carly Wadell stood out from the get-go. 

While the first impression viewers got from her might not have seemed weird at first, the moment she showed her little pink karaoke machine, it got awkward. Carly, who was a cruise ship singer at the time, sang Chris an original song she wrote for him — and it was pretty cringe-worthy. The song mentioned something about how they were going to fall in love, and how she couldn't wait to see him inside — all of which could be sweet, but there's just no way around the fact that being serenaded by someone you don't know is uncomfortable, especially on camera.


Still, Carly wasn't immediately eliminated, and actually got sent home right before the hometown dates. While Carly and Chris weren't meant to be, it's safe to say her karaoke fame lives on. Talk about a memorable first impression!

Lacey Mark's camel made a statement on The Bachelor

Season 21 of The Bachelor was a rocky ride, to say the least. 

With Nick Viall at the helm of the show, tensions were already running high before the contestants even got to the iconic bachelor mansion. Previously, Nick had appeared on the Bachelorette seasons of both Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe, and also had a Bachelor In Paradise run before apparently deciding he was ready to be the leading man on The Bachelor.


Still, when contestant Lacey Mark introduced herself, she instantly became the talk of Nick's season premiere. Lacey literally rode in on a camel, and then delivered the perfect one-liner, telling Nick, "I heard you like a good hump." It was memorable for sure, but didn't exactly help the contestant win Nick over. Unfortunately, she was sent home during the second week of his season. Lacey then went on to appear on Bachelor In Paradise, where she once again failed to make a lasting connection. Things might not have worked out for Lacey in Bachelor Nation, but "Camel Girl" definitely made a strong and lasting impression.

Clare Crawley had kids on the brain during her Bachelor entrance

The Bachelor's Clare Crawley is definitely a Bachelor Nation favorite.

Just when you think Clare is done with the franchise, she pops back up on another spinoff, ready to find true love. However, when Juan Pablo Galavis was announced as the Bachelor in 2014 for the show's eighteenth season, Clare was new to the scene — and actually made a startling entrance.


As Clare stepped out of the limo, it became clear to Juan Pablo and viewers at home that she was sporting a baby bump — and appeared to be months pregnant. As Today reported, Clare told the Bachelor, "I know you have a daughter, and I know you want more children, and I was thinking maybe adding to it!" And while Juan Pablo went along with the joke, pretty much everyone watching breathed a giant sigh of relief when she revealed her bump was totally fake and she wasn't pregnant. Obviously, it's sweet that Clare wanted Juan Pablo to know she was cool with kids, but a fake baby bump might not have been the best way to express herself.

Reegan Cornwell took things too literally during her Bachelor entrance

Chris Soules' Bachelor season saw plenty of women fighting for the farmer's heart. And while the battle for Chris' affection lasted all season long, there was one woman who showed up on the first night in the Bachelor mansion ready to prove she wasn't afraid to fight for his love. 


Reegan Cornwell, who stunned in a gorgeous blue dress, took fans by surprise when she showed her true colors during her entrance with an interesting prop. As soon as the contestant stepped out of the limo, viewers watching at home immediately spotted the red ice chest she had with her. Chris looked intrigued — possibly wondering if the little red cooler contained any beer, snacks, or ice cream. 

Unfortunately, however, Reegan didn't come bearing appetizers. Instead, she thought it would be a good idea to show up to meet her potential future husband with a fake heart. Reegan explained that her gag was inspired by her career as a cadaver tissue saleswoman — and while the heart was fake, the disgust felt by viewers at home was very real. Unsurprisingly, Reegan was sent home only hours later.


The Bachelor's Breanne Rice doesn't have time for gluten, y'all

Season 20 of The Bachelor saw Ben Higgins take on the lead role, much to the delight of fans and contestants. 

Ben was certainly charming, and while viewers at home hoped he would find true love on the show, Breanne Rice was not the one for him. Breanne, who was a nutritional therapist at the time of filming, was quick to let Ben know her stance on one of the most controversial diet topics: gluten. After walking up to Ben with a basket full of bread, she declared, "I don't eat any gluten because gluten is Satan." As if that wasn't enough, Breanne suggested an interesting way for her and Ben to get to know each other. "Instead of breaking the ice, I thought we could break bread together," she told the Bachelor.


The gesture was unique, to say the least. However, it definitely didn't work out in her favor, as Ben sent her home that same night. You get points for trying, Breanne!

JoJo Fletcher knew how to stand out on The Bachelor

Going on The Bachelor is far from a normal way to find love. So, as weird as it might sound to wear a costume to your first introduction to the man you might end up marrying, it's a fairly common occurrence in Bachelor Nation. 


On Ben Higgins season of The Bachelor, the single guy faced plenty of interesting contestant introductions throughout his first night at the Bachelor mansion. While some were more interesting than others, JoJo Fletcher's entrance will forever be iconic. As she stepped out of the limo, it immediately became clear that the contestant was wearing a unicorn mask that covered her entire head. It was an undeniably hilarious moment, and one that wouldn't soon be forgotten.

In fact, at the time, People even predicted that JoJo would go far on the show based on her unicorn entrance alone. And while she and Ben didn't end up together, JoJo was the runner-up on his season — and she even went on to star in her own season of The Bachelorette, where she found her true love in Jordan Rogers.


The Bachelor's Alexis Waters didn't know the difference between a dolphin and a shark

As fans of The Bachelor know, nothing is off limits when it comes to contestant introductions. There are guests, props, and costumes galore, as anything goes for the women trying to stand out to their suitor. 


However, on Nick Viall's season of the popular reality series, one woman was a little confused about what her costume actually was. When it was her turn to meet Nick, Alexis Waters stepped out of the limo dressed in a shark costume, although that's not exactly what she could call it. As Bustle reported, Alexis was a little confused about what kind of aquatic animal she was dressed as. "You know this is a shark right? Do we need to, like, go through aquatics?" Nick playfully asked. He continued, saying, "This is not a dolphin." Still, Alexis ignored him, replying, "No, it's a dolphin."

While having a degree in marine biology isn't crucial in life, not being able to tell a dolphin from a shark seems to be a big oversight — especially since Alexis said she wanted to be a dolphin trainer.


Alex D's sloth costume made a funny joke on The Bachelor

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette each feature 30 contestants close in age (and sometimes similar in appearance), so it's important that those hoping to stick around for a while have some kind of character trait makes them stand out. Whether it's being a single parent, having a tragic backstory, or having an obsession with taxidermy — being unique is a must. 


On Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette, contestant Colton Underwood revealed he was a virgin. So, when Colton then went on to become the Bachelor, his group of gals had plenty of virgin jokes. In perhaps the most memorable entrance of Colton's season, contestant Alex Dillon dressed as a sloth to show Colton that she was totally cool with taking things slow in their relationship. Get it? 

"Obviously I love a good pun, [and] I thought it was very funny," Alex explained in an interview with Elite Daily. She continued, saying, "I was having so much fun." However, Alex added that she might have gotten carried away with her sloth persona and not been herself as much as she should have — which led to her elimination. 


The Bachelor's Kiarra proved she was flexible

Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor lacked neither entertainment nor drama. His relationship status with Bachelorette Hannah Brown was constantly questioned, there were rumors that he had a fling with a producer, and his mom was, well, interesting — to say the least. However, it all started on the very first night of Peter's season, when the contestant introductions kicked off, and one amazing lady made an impressive (if not strange) first impression. 


Kiarra Norman decided to poke some fun at Peter's piloting career by actually popping out of a suitcase that she was somehow zipped into. Bachelor host Chris Harrison and Peter were both blown away by her flexibility, and Chris even said as much. "I'm not often impressed by entrances the first night, but when Kiarra came down the driveway, I was impressed ... [she] really put her life in danger," he said, according to Refinery29. "I'm not joking ... [it was] d*** impressive," the Bachelor host revealed.

As impressive as it was, Kiarra was sent home in the middle of the season — but her name will forever live on in the suitcases of our hearts. 

An emotional support cow might have made the best Bachelor entrance

On The Bachelor, the sky is the limit as far as props are concerned. As fans of the hit ABC franchise know, contestants have been known to ride in on horses, drive up in sports cars, and even fly in on helicopters to impress their future partners.


That said, perhaps the weirdest, most memorable entrance of all time happened during Season 24 of The Bachelor, when a contestant showed up to meet Bachelor Peter Weber with an emotional support animal. However, it wasn't just any emotional support animal — it was an emotional support cow. The cow's handler, contestant Jenna Serrano, even went so far as to give her cow a very Bachelor-esque name: Ashley P.

Tweets came flooding in about Ashley P., and it was clear that viewers at home had already developed a soft spot for the large animal. Sadly, as entertaining as Jenna's cow was, even Ashley P. wasn't enough to earn Jenna a real shot at love. Peter sent her home at the end of the first night, and fans were understandably devastated. Here's hoping Ashley P. is still living her best life.