Why An Emoji On This 90 Day Fiance Star's Post Has Fans Doing A Double Take

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? stars Elizabeth and Andrei have had an interesting season thus far. As Cheat Sheet notes, their fifth go-round on the hit TLC spin-off has been positively loaded with drama. Andrei's issues with Elizabeth's family boiled over during their second wedding in his home country of Moldova, with questions being raised about his reasons for leaving in the first place. Regardless of what happens onscreen, however, the couple appears to be going strong IRL.

Elizabeth and Andrei have been more active on social media than ever before, sharing plenty of sweet photos of their home life with cute young daughter Eleanor. Elizabeth even received equal amounts of backlash and support after posting a photo of herself breastfeeding in her wedding dress, midway through their Moldovan ceremony. With all the extra attention on Elizabeth's Instagram account, fans have noticed a small detail that may be giving away more than she intended.

Is Elizabeth hinting that she's pregnant?

Elizabeth's newly-updated Instagram bio includes five emojis; a ring, a groom, a bride, a baby... and a pregnant woman. Naturally, it's the inclusion of the pregnant woman that has fans speculating about whether Elizabeth and Andrei are secretly expecting their second child. Once it was spotted, theories started being shared about whether the reality star is pregnant or if she's simply representing her 90 Day Fiancé story thus far since Elizabeth and Andrei got married in season five of the show and had Eleanor in season four of Happily Ever After. The bride and groom emojis, meanwhile, could reasonably symbolize the couple's second wedding.

Reddit is split on the topic, particularly taking into account that a recent Instagram Story, screen-grabbed by a commenter, showed Elizabeth enjoying a glass of red wine. Although several replies judged her for supposedly drinking while pregnant, other commenters argued that, first off, Elizabeth hasn't confirmed she's expecting yet, and secondly having one glass of wine while pregnant isn't that big a deal even if she is. It's unlikely we'll know the truth for a while yet but, for the time being, there's no justification for judging someone purely based on an emoji (though it is fun to speculate).