Rumors And Spoilers About Welcome To Plathville Season 2

Fans of TLC's latest must-watch family, the Plaths, have been wondering whether they'll get to see a season two of Welcome to Plathville, their hit show. The first season introduced us to the massive family, which comprises parents Barry and Kim and their children Ethan, Micah, Moriah, Lydia, Isaac, Amber, Cassia and Mercy. Their second eldest child, Hosanna, doesn't feature on the show because she's married and lives in Ohio, while the rest of the family resides on a massive, 55-acre farm in rural Georgia. 

Much of the drama came from the Plaths' rejection of all technology as well as their aversion to soft drinks. Elsewhere, eldest son Ethan, who's the only other child who lives away from his family, caused friction thanks to his wife Olivia, whose embrace of watching movies and drinking alcohol caused Barry and Kim to balk (via Woman's Day). For a while, it seemed like the tension between the four of them might halt the show from returning, but thankfully that no longer seems to be the case.

The Plaths are back and bringing the drama

People confirms that Welcome to Plathville is back on TLC from November 10. Season two will find the Plaths split up into three separate households, all located just a few blocks from each other. Barry, Kim, and the younger kids are in one, Ethan and Olivia in another, and the third is made up of rebellious (at least, by this family's standards anyway) teens Micah and Moriah. The Plath parents are no longer living on their farm, however; rather they've moved into their dream home where outside influences like the internet are still banned. 

The stress of fighting with his parents has put such a strain on Ethan and Olivia's marriage the couple is contemplating divorce, leading Ethan to cut off all contact with Barry and Kim. However, the newlyweds experience lots of fun stuff together, too, including getting tattoos and visiting California. As for Micah and Moriah, they're renting their own place and embracing their independence. Micah is dating and pursuing a modeling career while Moriah is working as a fitness instructor and mechanic, pursuing singing, and dating her first boyfriend.

Some familiar faces may pop up on season 2 of Welcome to Plathville

A TLC source told Daily Soap Dish that shooting on season two began in late summer. Rumors are flying about new cast members who could be taking part this time around, including family friends Nurie Rodrigues and Nathan Keller. Keller is Anna Duggar's brother, so the Plaths' fellow Christian fundamentalist family may even feature on the show, particularly with one Reddit user pointing out how a couple of the Plath kids were involved in Rodrigues' wedding, which may even have been filmed for the show.

The fact it's coming back at all is surprising, particularly considering how the older Plath children blasted it on social media (which they've naturally become accustomed to, since the show debuted). Ethan and Olivia admitted to feeling "manipulated" by the show, complaining to Instagram fans about how badly she'd been treated since it aired. Micah, meanwhile, posted that he was hoping for another season, so it seems the teens were onboard since day one.