Here's What We Know About OutDaughtered Star Grandma MiMi's Surprising Arrest

OutDaughtered fans were shocked to learn that Michelle Theriot, better known as Grandma MiMi on the show, has been arrested. TMZ broke the news that Danielle Busby's mother had been pulled over for a DUI over the weekend as she was driving home. The outlet reported that cops said the OutDaughtered star was "lethargic" when pulled over and that her "speech was slurred and she had bloodshot eyes." She also reportedly tried to mask the smell of alcohol in the vehicle with perfume.

Grandma MiMi is said to have initially claimed to have had two glasses of wine, although she later said she'd actually had two Michelob Ultra beers. She reportedly failed sobriety tests and was put in handcuffs and taken to jail.

Grandma MiMi is quite close to her grandchildren. As OutDaughtered fans know, she even moved from Louisiana to Texas after the quints were born in order to be closer to her beloved family.

Grandma MiMi's Instagram account disappeared following her arrest

As noted by TV Shows Ace, Granda MiMi's Instagram appears to have been taken down or deactivated following the incident. The Busbys have yet to weigh in on her DUI, although both Adam and Danielle have been active on their own Instagram accounts since the news broke. 

Danielle recently posted a picture of herself and some of the quints baking. "Sunday baking, brought to you by Mama, Hazel and PK," she wrote in the caption. "We are making chocolate dipped pretzels with sprinkles for a Halloween Party."

Adam's latest post is about Danielle. "Love this woman," he wrote in the caption of a photo of Danielle playing on the floor with one of the kids. "No matter how busy or stressful things can get in this house, @dbusby can still recognize those special little moments to stop what she may be doing and play on the floor and be a kid."