How Below Deck's Kate Chastain Feels About Joining RHONY

The loss of former chief stew Kate Chastain was keenly felt throughout the Below Deck fandom. Without her, who would laugh at Captain Lee's jokes or keep him company onboard a ship full of horny 20-somethings more focused on hooking up than actually keeping the ship afloat? Chastain announced she was sailing off to pastures new back in February, promising in an Instagram post to continue to "fully support His Majesty Andy Cohen." She's remained in the fold, offering her commentary Below Deck Med and Sailing Yacht, on Watch with Kate Chastain, as well as appearing on Bravo's Chat Room.

She told Decider the new show is "basically a dream come true" for a "Bravo superfan" like her. She also admitted to the publication, "I can't wait to see how Captain Lee handled it in my absence. I need to know who brought him his Cheerios and how his pants were ironed," which should put the minds of fans, who were worried the BFFs wouldn't continue their friendship post-Below Deck, at rest. Aside from giving her inimitable take on the various Below Deck shows, Chastain might be onscreen in another popular Bravo staple soon, if she has her way.

Kate Chastain reckons RHONY would be less stressful than Below Deck

In an interview with US Weekly, the former Below Deck star expressed her desire to join the Real Housewives of New York, reasoning that her experience during six seasons at sea prepared her for what would likely be a less stressful working experience. Chastain explained, "It's pretty much like Below Deck. You get to drink and talk about the people on the show in confessionals without the work." The former chief stew likes the idea of not having to don a uniform, too, particularly considering one of her reasons for saying goodbye to the hit franchise was not wanting to wear a skort at the age of 40 (per Cheatsheet).

Chastain is so serious about joining RHONY that she has her own tagline all ready to go. She revealed, "My old tagline used to be: I may have a resting b***h face, but that's the only part of me that's ever resting." However, now that she's no longer working on yachts, the Below Deck fan favorite has been getting plenty of rest so she might have to change it. Chastain recently left Florida for NYC, leading fans to speculate that she might be joining RHONY for real (via Instagram).