The Truth About Clare Crawley's Stunning Engagement Ring

We all picked up our collective jaws when Dale Moss got down on one knee and proposed to Clare Crawley on The Bachelorette. Because, let's face it — the couple had only known one another for less than two weeks when they decided a wedding was in their future.

Plus, leading up to the big moment, social media was exploding with skepticism about whether Moss would actually go through with an engagement. "and guess what...HE DIDN'T RUN AWAY HAHAHA," one viewer tweeted about the potential of the 32-year-old being scared off by the seemingly overnight commitment. Another joked Moss thought he signed up for The Bachelorette but it turned out he was on Married at First Sight.

But in the end, Moss gave Crawley a gorgeous engagement ring from Neil Lane. And we are drooling over all the details of the shiny bauble the hairdresser is all too happy to show off after finding her happily ever after.

Dale Moss gave Clare Crawley a huge engagement ring

According to People, the 39-year-old's diamond stunner almost didn't even happen. "Clare fell in love at first sight, so I had to scramble!" Lane told the outlet about Crawley and Moss having such a short timeline to love, and an engagement happening far earlier than anticipated — or that has ever happened in the history of The Bachelor. The iconic jewelry designer added about Crawley, "She had made up her mind and I had to design the ring in record time — it was stressful and crazy, but crazy fun."

The resulting "wow" bauble features a 4.5 carat radiant cut diamond with shield shaped diamonds on either side. The art deco design is set in platinum and also includes a whopping 145 smaller diamonds. Lane describes the ring as "unique, very dynamic and stylized... and there are diamonds everywhere." It certainly sounds like an engagement ring any woman would be happy to receive. As for Crawley, she said, "It feels very surreal (via ET).