Micah Plath's Steamy Hotel Room Photo Shoot Is Turning Heads

Welcome to Plathville stars Micah and Moriah are growing up and getting out in the world. Season 2 of the hit show kicked off with the ambitious teenagers living out of the family home, on their own for the first time, in a stylish but messy rental property where, finally, they can carve out an independent existence released from their parents' grasp. This means pursuing a higher education, earning their own money, pursuing their passions and, of course, enjoying romantic relationships.

While Moriah is focused on music, Micah is putting his good looks to good use by carving out a burgeoning career as a fashion model. Those who follow him on Instagram will be well aware of Micah's talent in front of the camera. And, in the jam-packed second episode of season 2, viewers were gifted a behind-the-scenes look at one of his most challenging jobs yet. It's also, tellingly, the kind of photo shoot Micah's parents would never approve of him doing.

The Welcome to Plathville star finds confidence through modeling

After traveling to glamorous Tallahassee, Micah explained how he was taking part in a "super hot and sexy photo shoot" alongside a model named Helena, whom he actually met during his very first job and who immediately noticed a change in him. As Micah revealed to producers, growing up his parents prohibited their kids from even wearing swimming costumes at the beach. They feel it's immodest to show off your body, but Micah is now profiting off doing exactly that and he's proud of it, too.

The shoot itself involved the duo posing in a variety of romantic poses, in various states of undress, with Helena gushing to producers that Micah is the same sweet guy she met a year ago, just a lot more confident in himself. The Welcome to Plathville star did get slightly flustered when their shoot moved to the bed, however, asking Helena what "pillow talk" is at one point. Although taking part in a sexy shoot like this might seem like an act of rebellion to outsiders, Micah explained it's more about him finding who he truly is as a person.