Here's Where Below Deck's Tiffany Copeland Is Today

Let's rewind time a bit, back to Season 1 of Below Deck Mediterranean, when Tiffany Copeland served as third stewardess on the 150-foot Ionian Princess yacht. Copeland had the title, but if you asked chief stewardess Hannah Ferrier at the time, she didn't exactly live up to the role's expectations. During one tipsy confrontation, Ferrier called Copeland out on her poor performance and told her, "If you can't sustain what you've done the past few days, then you shouldn't be in yachting." Nice to know Ferrier has been unafraid to tell it like it is since day one, right? It turns out though, she couldn't have been more wrong about Copeland's career choice.

Copeland clearly does belong in yachting as, according to Cheat Sheet, she's still in the industry today and is apparently thriving. No longer cleaning cabins and folding laundry as a third stew, Copeland has worked her way all the way up to a permanent post in the wheelhouse (more on this below). But that's not the only title she's earned since leaving Below Deck Med behind. Here's where Below Deck's Tiffany Copeland is today.

Call Below Deck's Tiffany Copeland captain now

That's right — Tiffany Copeland is a captain now. No one would have guessed the seemingly unmotivated third stew from the first season of Below Deck Med would emerge as a boat captain one day, but that's exactly what's happened. According to Cheat Sheet, Copeland stuck with yachting following her stint on the hit Bravo show, "worked her way up to first mate," and eventually achieved her current status as captain. Apparently, Copeland knew it was meant to be all along. In a throwback Instagram post from October 2018, the yachtie showed off a picture of herself wearing a jersey adorned with the word "Captain" across the back and captioned it, "Even at age 21 I knew I wanted to be a captain."

Copeland didn't find her way to the captain's chair alone though. She revealed to Bravo's The Daily Dish that fellow Below Deck castmate Bryan Kattenburg encouraged her to go for her license — a certification she compares to a driver's license. "You can get it, but it doesn't mean you know what you're doing yet. So, you have to practice," she told The Passion Point podcast in 2016. Copeland also noted that she received a lot of training while working alongside other captains. 

Although she has clearly been busy building her career, Tiffany Copeland also managed to make time for love and marriage.

Below Deck's Tiffany Copeland tied the knot

Captain isn't the only title Tiffany Copeland has earned since her Below Deck Med days — she recently became a "Mrs." as well. On Oct. 10, 2020, Ms. Tiffany Copeland became #mrsjones when she married her sweetheart, Evan Jones, in a gorgeous ceremony at North Carolina's Taylor Ranch, according to The Daily Dish. At least one other Below Deck alum was in attendance, according to former chief stew Adrienne Gang's Instagram. But one of Copeland's Below Deck besties was notably absent: Hannah Ferrier. You read that correctly — these two evidently squashed their differences years ago.

Copeland told The Daily Dish back in 2016 that she and Ferrier message each other regularly, and it's clear from Hannah's comments on Tiffany's wedding pic that the two are tight to this day. Ferrier wrote, "Amazing!! You looked breathtaking my love. I have shed so many tears watching the videos. Love you so so much. Miss you x." Die-hard Below Deck Med fans will know that Ferrier had a good reason for not showing up to the ceremony — she was just weeks away from delivering a baby girl

Is motherhood up next for Captain Tiffany, too? We'll just have to wait and see.