Welcome To Plathville Fans Think They've Found Evidence That Plath Rules Are Fake

When Welcome to Plathville debuted, viewers were struck by the central family's similarities to fellow religious reality TV stars the Duggars. However, if actually possible, the Plath parents are even stricter with their rules, which included but were not limited to preventing their nine children from watching TV or movies and imbibing sugary junk foods and sodas. In fact, a couple of the season's biggest moments came when Ethan tried Coke for the first time and his younger sister Moriah got her first delicious taste of cotton candy.

While most of those watching at home were either amused or put off by the Plaths' ultra-conservative approach, there were some who suggested it might all be for show. Now that season 2 is upon us, the cries of faking it for the cameras are growing louder. In particular, a glimpse at the bedroom of one of the younger Plaths seems to hint that everything is not what it seems in the Plath family home.

Are the Plath kids secretly allowed to play video games?

During the very first episode of the show, mom Kim explained that the kids exist largely without technology (via YouTube). They have limited computer time each day, mostly stay offline, and are not allowed to play video games. However, in the season 2 premiere, there were a couple items on show that seemed to suggest the no video-game rule either no longer applies or was a fabrication from the outset. Viewers watched Micah, who's actually moved out of the family home, having a mini jam session with brother Isaac. As Cinema Blend reports, the cameras captured an expensive gaming setup including a special chair, three PC monitors, and flight simulator controls. 

Still, there's another controller on his nightstand, suggesting the kid is really a hardcore gamer. The question is whether his parents have relaxed their rules, or if they were never as strict as they let on, and it was all for the cameras. It's worth noting that fans have wondered for a while whether Barry and Kim were being less strict on the show out of fear of backlash. A viewer wrote on one of Moriah's Instagram posts, "I thought the entire time it was way worse than the show showed because Kim and Barry were afraid they would look worse/abusive, so they let up a little bit." There was a backlash towards them regardless, so it's plausible the Plath parents felt pressured to relax their rules even further as a result.