Here's What We Know About The Unexpected Season 4 Cast

TLC's Unexpected quickly became a must-watch, along the same lines as MTV's mega-hit Teen Mom series, over the course of its first three seasons. With season 4, though, the show is primed to enter the mainstream conversation in a big way. Dropping December 20, the fourth installment will no doubt be as hard-hitting as everything that's come before, if not more so, as a new group of teen couples contends with their, well, unexpected pregnancies (via Starcasm).

Unexpected is often shocking in its no-holds-barred approach to showcasing the highs and lows of teen pregnancy, from familial tensions as everybody tries their best to live under the one roof with a new baby to financial struggles and, naturally, the interplay between the couples themselves. The cast this time around looks to be just as fascinating and volatile a group as before, even if certain fan favorites won't be coming back this time around.

Some familiar faces return for season 4 of Unexpected

As Meaww reports, season 3's Tyra and Alex are back for another round, alongside daughter Layla and Tyra's sister, Tiara, who has strong opinions about her abilities as a parent. In the trailer, Tiara can be heard screaming that her sister is a "stupid b***h" for supposedly abandoning her child. Tyra's romantic relationship is similarly strained due to Tyra attending school, with Alex concerned she's going to cheat on him there. Likewise, Tyra is worried about his faithfulness, too.

Lilly, who has been with the show since the first season, is also back alongside daughter Aaliyah. Joining her is new boyfriend, Lawrence, as well as ex/baby daddy, James. Lilly is also expecting her second child, which adds another wrinkle, particularly as Lawrence wasn't expecting it, admitting to producers, "one day she was just 10 weeks pregnant, out of nowhere."

New Unexpected cast-members are sure to cause drama

Newcomers to Unexpected include 16-year-old Jenna, who was tricked by boyfriend Aden into not using protection. Jenna explained,"Aden told me boys ovulate ... ogulate? Just like a woman does," as he laughs next to her, admitting, "Yeah, I lied to her!" Aden also thought it was "fun" to risk getting pregnant, so he could very well be the villain of season 4.

Myrka, also 16, was kicked out of her parents' house after falling pregnant by boyfriend Ethan. Her mother argued Myrka, "kicked [her] out the moment she decided she's going to be sexually active." Thankfully, the youngster has a place to stay with Ethan's parents, though that will probably cause issues down the line as everybody struggles to live with a fussy infant.

The youngest member of the cast is 15-year-old Reanna, who's pregnant by her 17-year-old boyfriend, Taron. Reanna's own mother is only 33, meaning she was a teen mom herself. Taron cheated on Reanna and is now concerned that he'll "have to take her to court to see my baby." Suffice to say, season 4 is guaranteed to bring the drama once again.