Who Is The Bachelor's Magi Tareke?

The Bachelor's highly-anticipated 25th season is off to a rousing start, with roses handed out and scores settled. The dreamy Matt James is leading the charge as the franchise's first Black Bachelor ever. And, although the New York-based real estate agent had to be convinced to take part in the first place, now that he's been anointed, James isn't taking a second of the experience for granted. When asked, during the season premiere, how he felt about being the first, the reality star didn't mince his words. 

"I feel a load of responsibility. But in that, I feel like my experience isn't everyone's experience," he admitted. As James explained of his approach, "I can only go and speak on things that I've experienced and live out my truths and do the best I can to represent who I am and how I was raised," (via People). The Bachelor star has his pick of a huge crop of ladies this year, 32 to be exact, and although it's difficult to differentiate yourself among the bunch — that is, unless you're carrying a sparkly vibrator or a giant meatball in your purse — Magi Tareke commands attention. 

The Bachelor star has an incredible life story

Tareke's official Bachelor bio emphasizes that she's not just a pretty face, noting, "She grew up in a small village in Ethiopia, and while she says moving to the U.S. was the scariest thing she has ever done, she doesn't regret it one bit." Tareke quite "literally won the Diversity Visa Lotto." Thus, "She is so grateful for all the opportunities she's been given in life and knows firsthand to never take anything for granted." Her lifelong passion is making things better for girls and young women growing up in her home country, with the reality star considering her role to show them "you can achieve anything you set your mind to!"

These days, she splits her time between being an in-demand model and a pharmacist, which is not a very common side hustle. Although Tareke is criticized for being too nice, the model has no plans to change, as she finds power and strength in being kind. Likewise, Tareke is "is loyal, honest and has a very positive outlook on the world." 

Magi Tareke is looking for a partner in life

When it comes to love, Tareke, whose real name is Mearg, won't settle for anything less than butterflies. Her bio advises that she's "looking for a partner in life," rather than just a time-waster. The Bachelor star needs "someone she can share everything with and who has a love and compassion for culture like she does." Rather than resting on her (hugely impressive) laurels, Tareke is consistently trying to better herself, spending her free time "studying to further her career" or exploring "her town's historical buildings." 

Rather than partying the night away, the model and pharmacist prefers to "drink wine at her favorite local restaurants and spend nights in with her girlfriends watching movies." It's worth noting that the practice of arranged marriages is still widespread in Tareke's home country, so her Bachelor stint, however long it lasts, will be yet another method of showing young girls and women back home that "everyone deserves to choose who they love."

She's totally dedicated to the cause

If you follow Tareke on Instagram, you'll know that Ethiopia remains incredibly close to her heart. Lately, she's been posting about the war in Tigray, noting, "My New Year picture is dedicated to the mothers and children who lost their lives and are still suffering because of the current war in Tigray." She elaborated, "The past two months have been some of the most difficult times of my life mentally bc of the war in my home, being disconnected from my family, my brother not receiving his medication even though I am a pharmacist and I have access to all that he needs." 

Tareke founded and runs a non-profit organization called My Shoes Your Shoes that supplies shoes to young women in developing countries, so they can walk to school more comfortably and safely. Their site notes, "Our founder Mearg Tareke was inspired to create this organization because as a young girl she was in the same position as these girls walking over 3 miles to school every day with no shoes." It's unclear how far she gets on The Bachelor, but hopefully Tareke's message will make it through regardless.