Matt James Addresses Why He Kisses With His Eyes Open

Our new Bachelor, Matt James, is one of the internet's biggest topics of conversation at the moment. Fans have already begun swooning over James, despite only being a few episodes into the season. At this point, there have been two one-on-one dates, in which James invited two lucky women to get to know him better, as well as a group-size date with a much less intimate group of 18 women.

With the season still so new, kisses and intimacy aren't common between James and his contestants just yet. But if you were one of the few women that he's already begun to make a connection with, and had subsequent dates with, you might have been lucky enough to steal a kiss from the hunky Bachelor. On the January 11 episode, eagle-eyed fans seemed to have picked up on a slightly off-putting style to James' smooching, though. He appears to kiss with his eyes open (via Us Weekly).

Fans can't help but poke fun at the hunky Bachelor for this unexpected kissing quirk

"YOOOOO WHY ARE UR EYES OPEN BRO?" tweeted a Bachelor fan with a corresponding screenshot of the evidence. Yep, James is definitely kissing with his eyes open in the photo. 

Bachelor alum, as well as best friend, Tyler Cameron couldn't help but throw a few punches at James. He retweeted the photo in question with a tweet that read, "Ayyyyoooo @mattjames919. What we got going on over here"? 

We love James' sense of humor and ability to laugh at himself! He tweeted back at Cameron, "Gotta make sure no one sneaking up on us! When your eyes are closed ... ANYTHING can happen! It's for both of our protection."

As much as fans love Matt James, they couldn't help but joke along and poke fun at him as well. One user tweeted, "Matt PLEASE close your eyes when you kiss. OMG." 

Another joked, "Maybe he forgot who he was kissing."

We don't know about you, but we're sure going to keep our eyes open for the rest of the season to see if this odd trait continues.