Everything You Need To Know About Lori Harvey, Michael B. Jordan's New Girlfriend

What do you need to know about Lori Harvey, Michael B. Jordan's new girlfriend? When Jordan was named People's Sexiest Man Alive in 2020, it wasn't surprising. The actor, who's starred in films such as Creed and Black Panther, has kept audiences on their toes not only because of his performances, but also because of his killer looks. Jordan is gorgeous — as People put it, he's "dashing, driven, and daring," and we completely agree. 


But despite his impressive resume and charm, Jordan has remained very private about his dating life — until now. "Sometimes you've just got to trust the universe, you know?" Jordan shared. "You've got to just believe in yourself and do what you feel is really right." Jordan clearly had a hunch that someone was worth the wait, because on January 11, 2021, he confirmed his relationship with Lori Harvey on his Instagram.

So who is the stunning woman who's stolen the heart of one of the world's most eligible bachelors? We dug deep to learn everything we could about Harvey and her relationship with Jordan. So sit tight, because here's everything you need to know about Lori Harvey, Michael B. Jordan's new girlfriend.


Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan were first photographed together in November 2020

Two months before Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan went social media official, they were spotted together in public. According to The Sun, the couple was first seen together in November 2020 when they were traveling for the holidays. Thanks to the sneaky photographers of TMZ, the couple was photographed while journeying from Los Angeles to Harvey's hometown of Atlanta for Thanksgiving.


Just a few weeks after the first sighting of the duo together, Jordan and Harvey were spotted celebrating New Year's Eve in Salt Lake City. At the time, of course, neither had publicly confirmed that they were dating, so they certainly kept things under wraps (for the most part, because no celebrity can truly avoid TMZ forever). 

So when both Jordan and Harvey posted on their individual social media accounts about the other, it probably didn't come as a surprise to those who were paying attention. Jordan didn't accompany his post with any kind of caption, and Harvey kept her post simple with just a brown heart emoticon. But one thing's for sure, we love these two together.

Lori Harvey is Steve Harvey's step-daughter

If done right, blended families can be amazing. And from the looks of it, Lori Harvey has benefited from her blended family, because her step-father is the one and only Steve Harvey. 

As noted by Vogue, Michael B. Jordan's new girlfriend was born in Memphis, and then spent the majority of her childhood between Atlanta and Chicago. Harvey said that even though her step-father has a huge celebrity presence, she experienced a "pretty normal" childhood. "My parents did a good job of keeping us out of the spotlight and letting us have a normal childhood so we could be kids and not live life under a microscope," she explained. "They let us decide if we wanted to be in the industry." 


Lori and her step-dad clearly have a great relationship, as she often takes to social media to share sweet images of them together. And of all the days for her to celebrate her relationship with the beloved host, Lori made an extra sweet post on Father's Day. "Happy Father's Day to the hardest working, funniest, most loving dad out there!" she wrote on Instagram. "I love you so much big guy!"

Lori Harvey was previously engaged to soccer player Memphis Depay

While Michael B. Jordan has kept his dating life very much under the radar, Lori Harvey has been through a couple of public relationships, including one that almost took her down the aisle. Harvey got engaged to soccer player Memphis Depay in June 2017; of course, things didn't work out, as we know now thanks to her newfound love with Jordan. 


As noted by Bleacher Report, Harvey and Depay announced their engagement in the summer of 2017, bringing Depay "a step closer to Hollywood fame" (hopefully that wasn't the only reason he proposed). Harvey's step-dad, the beloved television host Steve Harvey, took to his own social media to congratulate the couple. "Marjorie and I are proud to announce the engagement of our youngest daughter Lori to Memphis Depay, this young man is a good one! Congrats!" he posted on Twitter, accompanied by a photo of Depay down on one knee. 

But the relationship wasn't built to last, because as noted by People, Harvey was seen without her engagement ring on the following year. Of course, the couple eventually split and Harvey returned to the dating scene.


Things got a little awkward when Lori Harvey started dating this celebrity

We've all been there: you end a serious relationship, and instead of looking for the real deal again, you decide to "have some fun." Well, according to The Sun, Lori Harvey played the field freely after her split from Memphis Depay, but that didn't stop things from getting a little awkward. Shortly after her engagement ended, Harvey was linked to Justin Combs, the son of the famed rapper Sean "Diddy" Combs. According to The Sun, it couldn't have been anything serious, because Harvey was also spotted with another rapper, Trey Songz, in the same year. 


But here's where things get weird. In early 2019, Harvey had moved on and started dating Diddy — yes, you read that correctly. But we love to see that confidence, so get it sis. One of Diddy's sons, Christian Combs, said at a press event that the two were "good." "They're just being... Private time," he said, and we're not entirely sure how to interpret that. 

Apparently Harvey and Diddy didn't have a tragic love story, their relationship had just run its course. They split in October of 2019.

Before going into the entertainment industry, Lori Harvey wanted to pursue this career path

Cue Princess Anne and her horseback riding history — we're only kidding, but Lori Harvey was dead set on pursuing a career in the same sport that has attracted royals and horse lovers alike for years. Before she took to runways and worked in the modeling world, Harvey had her sights set on a horseback riding career. "I wanted to be a professional equestrian," she told Vogue. But unfortunately, the dream didn't work out. "I got injured badly a few years ago," Harvey continued. "So now I only ride leisurely." 


But thanks to her mother and her interests in other areas, Michael B. Jordan's new girlfriend found her way to her current career path. Harvey recalled that her interest in beauty and makeup began when she was just 13 years old, as she would accompany her mother, Marjorie Harvey, when she would prepare for events. "I'd sit, watch, and ask the makeup artist questions," she added. "Then I'd go in my bathroom and try to recreate those looks." 

Her dedication to the craft clearly paid off, because Harvey is very successful in the modeling and makeup world.

Lori Harvey has used her career as a model to bring attention to industry diversity

The beauty and modeling industry has historically favored one body type: the tall, thin, white model — and Lori Harvey is determined to change that. "Being that I'm not a traditional model, it's kind of cool because I feel like it's opening up a door for a new generation of models that look more like me versus being 5-foot-10 and super skinny [with a] super flat stomach and super skinny legs," she told BETMichael B. Jordan's new girlfriend stands at 5'3", about seven inches shorter than the typical model, but she certainly hasn't let that stop her. 


Harvey also has, and continues, to use her platform to encourage young women of color to enter the fashion world. "I feel like you don't see a lot of color in the fashion industry in general," she continued. "I think I was one of five girls backstage at the show that was African-American. Of course it was an honor, but it also shows girls that look like me that you can do this too, you can break into this industry and play a huge role in it."

Lori Harvey was romantically linked to rapper Future at one point

We've all had a relationship (or several, we don't judge) that didn't cast us in the best light. To that end, Lori Harvey's fling with rapper Future wasn't the cutest look for her — especially now that she's dating the Sexiest Man Alive, Michael B. Jordan. As noted by The Sun, Harvey was romantically linked to Future in 2020 and continued to support him even through some pretty insane personal news: it was announced in May 2020 that Future had fathered his eighth child (not with Harvey), but the couple remained steadfast (at the time). 


Despite the whirlwind of news, Harvey continued to support Future and even posted about his studio album, High On Life, on her Instagram story. "Proud of you," she reportedly wrote, accompanied by three fire emoticons. The couple stayed together for a bulk of 2020, and reportedly quarantined together as well. The Sun even reported that fans of Harvey's were curious as to her own potential pregnancy, as sonogram pictures made a quick appearance on her Instagram story. But as we now know, Future and Harvey were not supposed to last.

Lori Harvey has used her social media platform to bring attention to social justice issues

During the summer of 2020, Lori Harvey took to her highly-followed Instagram page to share her thoughts on the brutal police killing of George Floyd and the subsequent Black Lives Matter demonstrations that followed. "Over the past week, I've been trying to find the right words but I'm sincerely at a loss. My entire heart goes out to the loved ones of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and every Black life taken at the hands of racism, police brutality, and racial injustice," she wrote. "This is not the system I want my nieces and nephews to grow up in. This is not the world I want them to live in." 


Harvey has continued to express her support, condolences, and remembrance of Black lives taken by police brutality; she posted an illustration of Breonna Taylor on what would've been her 27th birthday, writing "Happy Birthday Beautiful Queen." Harvey certainly knows how to use her platform for good.

This makeup artist calls Lori Harvey her "muse"

Any art history buff knows that the great painters all had muses, and it looks like Lori Harvey has been the source of inspiration for none other than famed makeup artist Pat McGrath. According to Vogue, McGrath and Harvey initially met during a backstage moment at fashion week — and their relationship blossomed from there. "She took really good care of me backstage," Harvey revealed. "And then when she wanted to work together, it was such a dream come true because she's always been one of my biggest beauty icons." 


The dynamic between the duo clearly inspired McGrath as a makeup artist, because she had nothing but kind words about Michael B. Jordan's new girlfriend. "Lori is an obvious muse," McGrath gushed. "She's a true beauty who radiates with effortless glamour and has such a rare energy." We love to see it. 

So what makeup does a muse wear? Harvey shared that, "you will never catch me without highlighter on," and revealed that her go-to is McGrath's highlighter, Skin Fetish, in the shade "Golden." One thing's for sure, Harvey really does radiate from the inside out.

Lori Harvey is friends with these A-list celebrities

We love to see a gorgeous girl gang, and Lori Harvey is friends with some of the biggest names out there. She shared an absolutely gorgeous photo of herself and close friends on Instagram in January 2020 while on vacation in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and captioned the photo, "Brown Skin Girls." But it was who she was photographed with that had people doing a double take. 


Harvey was vacationing with absolute icon Normani, who's had a successful solo career after being in the famed girl group Fifth Harmony. She was also photographed with none other than Jordyn Woods, the famous ex-best friend of Kylie Jenner who was in all kinds of headlines in 2019 after allegedly hooking up with Tristan Thompson (Khloe Kardashian's baby daddy).

Michael B. Jordan's new girlfriend has kept her friends close not just while on vacation, but in the professional world as well; Harvey appeared in Normani's music video for her hit song Motivation, and took to Instagram to congratulate her friend. "You MURDERED this video sis, I'm forever proud of you!!!" Harvey wrote. "Everybody go stream and watch 'Motivation' now!!!" Cute.


Lori Harvey has called her mom her "superwoman"

We love a mom and daughter duo, and Lori Harvey and her mom, Marjorie Harvey, are too cute together. So what's the scoop on Marjorie? As noted by Good Housekeeping, Marjorie and Steve Harvey initially met back in 1990, but went on separate paths that led them to other marriages. Marjorie and Steve finally re-connected in 2005, and the two got married in 2007, blending their families together. 


Marjorie had three children from her previous marriage: Lori, Jason, and Morgan; Steve had four children from his past two marriages: Karli, Brandi, Broderick Jr., and Wynton. Additionally, the couple had very different approaches to blending their families together. "I said, 'Look, you don't like it? Deal with it. I don't need y'all's permission,'" Steve told People, but Marjorie didn't have the same edge. "When you're dealing with a blended family, everyone is coming from a place of broken," she shared. "We knew this was right. But I just told them, 'Everyone is included.'" 

It's clear that Marjorie and Lori are very close, because Lori called her mom her "own personal superwoman" in an Instagram post in 2018. We love to see it!


Lori Harvey's breakout moment happened during Milan's Fashion Week

What was your breakout moment? Did you peak when you could afford a trip to Whole Foods for the first time? Well Lori Harvey has most, if not all of us beat, because her breakout moment took place during Milan's Fashion Week. According to Vogue, Harvey made quite the impression during the men's couture fashion runway show for Dolce & Gabbana; after her stellar performance on the runway, she became "a rising star in the industry." 


Since her iconic catwalk moment, Harvey has shared her fashion and modeling success on her social media. For starters, she shared a snap on Instagram from her fourth runway show for Dolce & Gabbana in 2017, looking absolutely regal. "Thank you so much for continuing to believe in me," she wrote — how could they not believe in her, she's literally stunning. 

From there, Harvey continued to share insights into her world, snapping pics at the Tom Ford runway show and sharing her feature in the April 2018 issue of Vogue Arabia. She returned to Vogue Brasil in 2018 and made one thing very clear — she's taking the fashion world by storm.

There's a nine year age gap between Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan

We love a man who's mature, career oriented, and knows what he wants — and it seems like Lori Harvey has the same perspective, as she's now romantically linked to one of the world's most ambitious and handsome (now former) bachelors, Michael B. Jordan. As noted by People, Jordan is 33 years old, making him nine years older than Harvey, who was born on January 13, 1997. 


Harvey clearly loves her birthday month and her zodiac, Capricorn, because she's made a habit of commemorating the astrological season in recent years. In December 2019, she posted a gorgeous photo of herself in an all-black fit with the caption, "Capricorn Szn." Not too dissimilar, she posted a selfie the previous year with the caption, "Capricorn Seasonnn," clearly marking that she loves the occasion. 

On her 24th birthday in January 2021, Harvey posted a gorgeous pic on her Instagram page, wearing a Vivienne Westwood ensemble and smearing birthday cake on the lens. Harvey has made a couple things known about herself, and this is the truest of all: she's an icon.

Lori Harvey has had a couple run ins with the law

Lori Harvey allegedly made a big slip up in 2019: according to People, she faced up to one year in prison after her involvement in a hit-and-run accident. After the incident, Michael B. Jordan's new girlfriend "was charged with two misdemeanors — including one count of resisting, delaying, obstructing a peace officer and one count of hit and run resulting in property damage." Not the best thing to have happen, that's for sure. 


The information was confirmed by a Los Angeles District Attorney spokesperson, and after the fact, more information came to light. In early 2020, Harvey pleaded not guilty to the charges, and another court appearance was expected for the following month, also reported by People. TMZ reported in November 2020 that Harvey had avoided jail time and struck a plea deal, resulting in two years of probation. Word to the wise, don't flee the scene of a car accident.