This Is Why You Should Own A Lip Brush

Very seldom does a makeup artist finish a lip look with one tube of lipstick and zero tools. To create a dimensional, eye-catching shade and precise lines, a lip brush is a must-have item. You may not think one is necessary, especially if you've always applied lipstick from the bullet. But let us assure you, once you start using lip brushes, you'll never want to go back. As you probably know, bullet application can get messy, fast. If you apply too much too soon, it's super easy to send product bleeding outside of the lip line. 

The same goes for liquid lipsticks, which can be especially tricky to maneuver due to its quick drying-consistency. "For extra precision, a lip brush is all you need," renowned makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury told Elle. "Whether softening lip liner or applying a bold statement shade, a square-angled tip allows you to get right into the corners of your mouth for a perfect finish."

There are many ways to use a lip brush

Don't underestimate what a lip brush is capable of — it's not simply a brush used to apply lipstick. It can also blend product into the cracks of your lips, which ensures an opaque and seamless color. A lip brush is also the perfect tool to use for meticulously following the lip line and blending multiple shades together — be it a lip liner and lipstick or two lipsticks that create your ideal shade.

Especially when using a brush to apply liquid lipstick, New York City-based makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes recommends priming the brush with product rather than dipping it in the tube and heading straight for the lip. "Get it in the bristles," she said on Instagram, pressing the brush forward and back on her hand. When the product is evenly distributed in the brush, it's evenly distributed on your lips. And it's easier to manipulate, rather than placing a heavy glob in the center of your mouth that's difficult to work with.

If you're using a lip liner or bullet, you can also use a brush to take product from the tube or pencil and then apply it to the lips, giving you maximum control. We know what you're thinking, how have you ever lived without one?