Inside 90 Day Fiance's Tarik And Hazel's Relationship

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days couple Tarik and Hazel have had more than their fair share of ups and downs. The duo originally appeared on season two of the hit spin-off show, with the Virginia Beach native memorably traveling to the Philippines to meet his online love. As Screen Rant notes, Tarik was immediately impressed with Hazel but she wasn't sure about him, describing the single father to producers as "chubby." Still, Hazel was intent on moving to the U.S. for a better life. 


And, after a rocky start, including an eye-opening trip to church and tussles with her family, Tarik proposed on the beach and Hazel ecstatically accepted. They've broken up and gotten back together several times since, as well as enduring Hazel's outing as bisexual and the couple's decision to acquire a shared girlfriend, which unsurprisingly complicated matters further. Can these two make it work, or are they destined to repeat the same mistakes?

Tarik and Hazel are in the best place they've ever been

Tarik and Hazel returned on season eight of 90 Day Fiancémuch to the delight of fans. And, happily, they're still together and living in Virginia Beach as a family with Tarik's daughter. Hazel's son, meanwhile, is due to join them as soon as the couple can figure out his travel arrangements. As In Touch Weekly notes, although the couple hasn't explicitly confirmed they've tied the knot, if they've obtained the requisite K-1 visa, they would have had to by now. The reality stars seem pretty loved up regardless, judging by Instagram.


TV Insider advises they were discussing wedding venues in a recent episode, while Tarik introducing Hazel to his daughter, also on the show, suggests things are definitely getting more serious between them. The re-emergence of their shared ex-girlfriend, Minty, might prove troublesome but, as TV Shows Ace reports, it doesn't appear that she is coming back into the picture in a major way. It's entirely likely 90 Day Fiancé will cover Tarik and Hazel's wedding in a later episode, and they certainly seem to be on the right track.