Here's Why 90 Day Fiance Stars Are Struggling With Money

TLC's all-conquering 90 Day Fiancé franchise is so popular precisely because of the difficulties inherent in making a long distance, cross cultural relationship work. If everything went smoothly for the featured couples, there simply wouldn't be a show. Whether they're disagreeing over where to live, which religion to practice or simply when or how to get married, most of the central drama revolves around the struggles of keeping a relationship afloat while contending with the complicated visa process.

The K1 visa, which 90 Day Fiance's stars are typically in the midst of getting, can be a difficult and lengthy application. On top of figuring it out, living apart and everything else that's thrown their way in the process of doing so, the featured couples frequently appear to be struggling financially, too. Arguments typically ensue over who's spending more and why, with many of the show's worst fall-outs being money-based, and there have even been instances of one party accusing the other of using them for financial gain. 

Long-distance relationships are financially tough all round

As Cinema Blend notes, there are several reasons why many 90 Day Fiancé couples seem to have money issues. First and foremost, the K1 visa process is, by its very nature, expensive. According to Nolo, the associated fees for obtaining the requisite paperwork and governmental permissions can run up to $2,025, and that's only if nothing else is required. Typically, couples will hire an attorney to assist with their application, in order to ensure any legal issues are ironed out accordingly, which can also add significantly to the overall costs.

A requirement of the K1 visa is that the couple in question must meet in person at least once during the preceding two years before filing the application. Visiting someone in a foreign country isn't cheap, particularly when you factor in dates, transportation, and unseen costs upon arrival. Most 90 Day Fiancé stars travel to see each other several times while the show is filming, and it all adds up. It's worth noting, however, that producers may intentionally be seeking out participants who are already in a difficult financial situation because it heightens the onscreen drama.

Likewise, couples who are desperate to bring in extra cash may also be more willing to take part in a reality show, especially considering the side hustles many of the more popular stars have going, including public appearances and social media sponsorships. Suffice to say, money troubles should be less of an issue once their 90 Day Fiancé journey kicks off properly.