Here's Why Twitter Is Annoyed With HGTV's Ty Breaker

When you break it down, a lot of home renovation shows are very similar. An expert comes in, transforms someone's home using a super-tight budget — and it all works out to give the family the home of their dreams. Of course, each show also has its own thing that makes it unique, but it seems people can't see a difference between HGTV's new Ty Breaker with the already fan-favorite Love It or List It

Fans have even taken to social media to complain about the similarities. One fan wrote on Twitter, "#TyBreaker is literally love it or list it. And I prefer #LoveItOrListIt." While another viewer posted that Ty Breaker "is basically a non David/Hillary Love it or List It." It's easy to compare the two shows. 

In Love It or List It, Hilary Farr and David Visentin are the two hosts who try to win over homeowners who are looking to upgrade their current living situation (via HGTV). Farr, who is an interior designer, uses their budget to makeover their home to correct any issues they have (via CheatSheet). At the same time, real estate agent Visentin shows the family a new home that would solve all their problems. That's when the family has to choose whether they love their current home with Farr's renovations or list it for whatever Visentin has picked out. 

What makes Ty Breaker a different home renovation show?

While Ty Breaker is similar, it does have its differences. First off, Ty Breaker stars Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's very own Ty Pennington. The host is well-known to home-renovation lovers who also remember him from TLC's Trading Spaces (via The Wrap)Each week, Pennington invites one of three HGTV guest designers — Alison Victoria from Windy City RehabGrace Mitchell from One of a Kindor Sabrina Soto from The High Low Project — to compete with him to win over the family (via TV Insider). 

Both get to use the same budget for renovations, but Pennington tries to convince the family to stay, while the guest designer finds a new home to be made over. The family must choose right away whether they're going to stay or leave. They usually have a "tie breaker" that makes one choice better than the other, and that's when the renovations begin. Unlike Love It or List It, both Pennington and his guest designer work together to makeover the family's chosen home. 

Pennington has even said that his show is unique, because he gets "up close and personal with the families" he's helping, according to CheatSheet. The "should I stay or should I go" is always a question when families are looking for a change, and Pennington is trying to put his own personal stamp on this journey.