Almost 50% Of Women Say This Is Their Least Favorite Part Of Dating

Dating can be fun and open you up to new experiences. But there are also times when dating can be messy, and make you never want to leave your house. This scenario happens all of the time. You've been texting back and forth with someone for a while now, and finally psyched yourself up to meet in person. Only, when you finally meet up, the date doesn't live up to the hype, and leaves you with more questions than answers. It was easy to spend hours talking on the phone but once you met up in person, you spent most of dinner trying to figure out how to sneakily signal for the check.


Or you and your date actually hit it off and made plans to do this again, only for the sweet morning texts or funny meme chains to slowly die out over time. The List took a deep dive into dating habits that women hate, and would gladly press the skip button if that existed. After surveying 574 women in the U.S., The List found that these were the top four exhausting parts about dating they wish they could erase.

Almost half of survey respondents would skip this dating step

In the survey, disappointing first dates won by a landslide, with 48.78% of women saying "never again" to first dates that sound like they'll be a dream, but turn out to be a total nightmare. So, take notes. The biggest mistake that can ruin a first date is not looking up from your phone, according to BestLife.


Having an awkward first kiss scored second place, with 16.9% of respondents highlighting this dating disaster. You can learn a lot about someone based on how they kiss. Andréa Demirjian, author of Kissing: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About One of Life's Sweetest Pleasures and a self-proclaimed kissing expert, explained to Well + Good, what exactly a kiss can reveal about your date. When it comes to chemistry, "If their kiss is more of a peck, they may not be into kissing or may not have a very lusty appetite. And it's hard to get someone who prefers pudding cups to appreciate freshly made chocolate mousse," she explained. You can get a read on how interested they are depending on the level of intensity. 


Demirjian also added the more affectionate the kiss, the more into you they are. "But if they kiss you deeply, and playfully pull you close, then you've found someone whose passion thermometer is high," she added. An awkward first kiss isn't the end of the world, but could mean you need to spend more time connecting.

More dating missteps that make readers want to throw in the towel

Dating can get pretty expensive. The average person dishes out around $168 a month on dates, which means that they'll be out a little over $2,000 in a year alone (via Real Simple). Shockingly, in The List's survey, the cost of dating didn't deter as many people as we thought it would, considering only 14.29% of the women polled claimed it was the worst part of dating. Coming in last with 11.85% of the votes was getting set up by their parents.


Dating comes with so many struggles that it's hard to fill them all into one box or survey. In fact, 8.19% of our respondents got the chance to vent about their personal worsts that didn't appear among the choices, and they delivered. Ghosting, mind games, and a lack of interest were some behaviors that made women question whether dating was worth it. Others wrote in a loss of independence, not being on the same page, and feeling pressure to follow societal expectations of what type of person is desirable.

With all this said, don't let these mishaps make you swear off dating. When you find the right person, everything will fall into place.