What The Bachelor's Lindsay Yenter Is Up To Now

Making a first impression is important when you're on The BachelorHaving to share your time with over 20 girls means you need to stand out, and former contestant Lindsay Yenter knew that. You might remember Yenter from Sean Lowe's season of The Bachelor, where she was the runner-up. Even though she made it all the way to the final rose ceremony, she is most known for her entrance on night one. Yenter made a bold first impression when she stepped out of the limo in a wedding dress (via HuffPost). 

That limo entrance landed her in Bachelor history as one of the more iconic introductions, but what has Yenter been up to since? It seems the former substitute teacher has found love on her own. According to BustleYenter is now married to Karl Swanson. The couple has two sons and live Southern California. Unlike some other former Bachelor contestants, Yenter doesn't consider herself an influencer. She makes that pretty clear in her Instagram bio that says she's "not an influencer." Instead, she's just living life in Cali and sharing some adorable pics of her family to The Gram. 

Lindsay Yenter blacked out during her Bachelor breakup

Yenter recently returned to Bachelor Nation by appearing on the The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever spin-off special that aired on ABC last summer. While looking back at Sean Lowe's season, Yenter was brought back to discuss the dramatic moment from the finale when she was "blindsided" by Lowe's decision. According to Cinema Blend, Yenter said that she "kind of blacked out a little bit," which is probably why you didn't see her burst into tears or start yelling. 

Actually, the biggest thing Yenter did after the breakup was take off her shoes. Per Screen Rant, she said that her feet hurt so bad that she thought, "If you're not gonna get down on one knee, I'm taking these bad boys off." You've got to have respect for a woman who can put things into perspective like that. 

Nowadays, Yenter is just enjoying mom life. She also works at Tubby Todd, which specializes in baby bath products, according to Distractify. While she may not have gotten the final rose, Yenter did get to wear that wedding dress eventually ... for her own happily ever after.