How Tayshia Adams Is Supporting Zac Clark's Sobriety

Season 16 of The Bachelorette was a wild ride. While the first Bachelorette of the season, Clare Crawley, may not have gotten a happily ever after with her now ex-fiance, Dale Moss, her replacement on the show, Tayshia Adams, seems to be in a healthy and supportive relationship with Zac Clark.


Zac won Tayshia's heart on The Bachelorette and the two are now engaged. Zac was very open about his sobriety on the show. Even though there was plenty of alcohol on the Bachelorette set, Zac never touched a drop but would instead opt for sparkling cider or ginger ale. "Sober to me means no drugs, no alcohol, no nothing since August of 2011," he said on the podcast Clickbait (via Us Weekly).

Tayshia has been supportive of Zac's sobriety, and went out of her way to back him up even before the two were engaged. Zac knew things were getting real with Tayshia when, during a toast on The Bachelorette, she chose not to drink alcohol.

Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark 'support each other unconditionally'

"The guy came out with the tray of champagne and there was four champagnes and one apple cider and she looks at him and she goes, 'No, I'm drinking apple cider with him tonight,'" said Zac. "And I said, 'What?!' She made the guy go back, get an apple cider while all these people are waiting. So, she was on team Clarky that day, and that's when I knew."


Zac opened up about Tayshia's continued support on the Whine Down podcast (via E! News). "She didn't have any direct experience with [supporting someone recovering from addiction], but she definitely had an open mind, and she asked all the right questions and some of the ones you hear early on, like 'Can I drink and then kiss you?'" he said. "And I'm like, 'Yeah, you're good.'"

While some people might see supporting someone's sobriety as a complication in a relationship, Tayshia and Zac are committed to helping each other live their best lives. "We support each other unconditionally," she told The Hollywood Reporter.