This Is The Worst Brand Of Drugstore Hair Products, According To 40% Of Women

For many of us, purchasing hair products takes place at the drugstore or the local grocery store. And as with any item, there are products in this category of hair care that work well and those that leave little to be desired. According to a survey by The List of 574 women in the United States, the following are the worst brands of drugstore hair products out there — those you should avoid.

First up, with nearly 40% of the votes in our readers' beauty poll, was VO5, followed by Suave in second place with 21.25%. Herbal Essences received a little over 14% of responses, while TRESemmé was the choice of drugstore-worst for 10.45% of survey-takers. Pantene was fifth with 10.10% of the tally. Over 20 of the survey's participants, meanwhile, listed "other" as the worst brand you could try, with a couple of the poll's specific answers singling out White Rain.

Follow these tips for a healthy head of hair

When it comes to drugstore hair products that are worthy of consideration though, there are certainly some brands that stand out. You should research what experts and stylists recommend, as well as what fellow consumers have to say. For example, The List conducted a survey of the best hair care brand you can buy at the drugstore and the winner was none other than Pantene, which received the stamp of approval from over 25% of respondents.

As for caring for your hair and keeping it healthy as possible, common tips include heat protection, regular conditioning, not over-washing, and being smart about which hair tools you use. As Redken Ambassador Tracy Cunningham told Stylist, "People are cheap with what they use on hair but wouldn't dream of treating their cashmere jumper in that way." Exactly, it's called hair care for a reason.