Jed Wyatt Reveals How Bachelorette Producers 'Manipulated' Him

The love story between Jed Wyatt and Hannah Brown fell apart after the news broke that he had been seeing someone when he joined the cast of The Bachelorette. "He only did it for his career," said Jed's ex, Haley Stevens, telling People that, while she knew he was going to appear on the show for the publicity it would bring him, she thought that they'd be together after that.

While Jed admitted to going on The Bachelorette for the wrong reasons, he maintained that he really did fall for Hannah. Still, the lies were too much for her and she ended up calling off their engagement. In a post-breakup interview with People, Hannah said that Jed expressed "remorse" but she felt that he "tried to justify that [relationship]."

A year and a half later, Jed is pinning the drama on the producers of The Bachelorette. In a recent Instagram Story (via Us Weekly), Jed teased an upcoming episode of his podcast, Jed Talks. "I will actually be going into deeper detail but the facts are this: That, yes, I was highly manipulated and from it deeply mentally affected from the show, and 2. No, I never cheated," he said. "Ever. On Haley or Hannah."

Jed Wyatt swears he never cheated

This matches up with what Jed said on the season 15 finale of The Bachelorette when Hannah confronted him about his relationship with Haley. Jed said he considered himself single when The Bachelorette started filming and that his biggest fault was not telling Hannah how recently he'd been seeing someone. "[In my mind] I didn't have a girlfriend," he said (via ET). "I should have said something... but once this started happening and I started seeing how I was feeling about you, I couldn't see anything else. You were it."

Jed didn't blame the producers of The Bachelorette at the time, but he's not the only one who has called them out on their behavior. Bachelor Nation alum Dylan Barbour was actually the first to bring it up in a Twitter Q&A in which he was asked who "got the most screwed over by production" on Hannah's season of The Bachelorette. Dylan answered that it was Jed, and affirmed that Jed had never cheated. 

"My last thought: they need you until they don't," he said about the show's producers at the end of the thread. "Each person is a pawn in a larger scheme, and they do not have contestants' best interests in mind."