The Moment Amy Slaton Realized She Needed To Lose Weight - Exclusive

We've watched Amy and Tammy Slaton's weight loss journey unfold every week on TLC's reality series 1000-Lb. Sisters. Fans have had an inside look into their lives over the past year, but the sisters' weight has been a struggle for much longer than that — until one day, when something specific happened that inspired Amy to start slimming down.

Gaining weight doesn't happen overnight, and neither does losing it. It truly takes a team to get through the highs and lows, and Amy has a few different people to thank for sticking with her all this time: people like Tammy. "There [is] strength in number[s]," she exclusively told The List about having her sister by her side. "So doing it together was a big help." 

So what made her want to start losing weight with her sister Tammy? There was a very distinct moment for Amy, and we spoke with her to see when exactly she knew she needed to.

Getting married made Amy Slaton want to lose weight

Before meeting Michael Halterman, Amy Slaton knew that her weight was a problem. However, "I wasn't ready to change," she admitted to us. When their relationship became more serious though, that's when Amy realized it was time. "Me getting married is what made me ready to get the weight off," she said, and she even wanted to make sure she slimmed down to look her very best before their big day.

Michael even went with Amy across the country for the scariest part of her journey — "going under the knife," she told us. Through every up and every down, Amy's supportive husband has stuck by and with her throughout the series.

We all saw it best during one of their first moments together from the first season. In the episode, Michael accompanies Amy as she hits the scale before making the decision to slim down. When Amy later becomes emotional in their car, Michael turns to her and says, "I love you, no matter what," and that single line alone is what everyone who's trying to lose weight out there needs to hear.

1000-Lb. Sisters airs on Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.