The Truth About Hunter Biden And Melissa Cohen's Relationship

President Joe Biden has been in office for about a month now, so it's time for America to really get to know its new first family. At the top of the Biden list are his son, Hunter Biden, and Hunter's wife, Melissa Cohen. The two dressed to impress at the January 20th inauguration with their brand new baby, Beau, by their side. Beau, who is named after Hunter's late brother, was born in March of last year, according to People, which was less than a year after the two were married. According to The Daily MailHunter and Melissa married in May of 2019, just a week after meeting. It must have been love at first sight. 

The two even reportedly have matching "shalom" tattoos, as Hunter got his to go with Melissa's just days after they met (via ABC News). The union came as a shock to some for how quickly it happened. It was even reported by The Daily Mail that the ceremony was very casual and took place on the "rundown roof deck" atop Melissa's WeHo apartment. According to Hunter, he "instantly fell in love with her," so it makes sense that he would want to start forever as soon as possible. 

Despite the age difference, Hunter and Melissa have a lot in common

The couple reportedly moved into a new home at the end of last year near Venice Beach (via The Daily Mail). After being one of the targets of Trump's election campaign, Hunter is just trying to keep a low profile with his family, while starting an art career (via The Daily Mail). Despite a roughly 17-year age gap, the happy couple has a lot in common. 

Hunter isn't the only one with an artistic side. Melissa is a documentary filmmaker, according to The Sun, and activist who co-owns Tribal World, which according to The Washington Post, helps to "promote indigenous conservation." This also isn't the first marriage for either of them. Previously, Hunter was married to Kathleen Buhle from 1993 to 2015. The two share three daughters together, according to NBC Philadelphia. Melissa, on the other hand, was married to entrepreneur Jason Landver from around 2012 to 2014 (via Business Insider). Even though this is the second marriage for both of them, they are very much in love like it's the first time. In fact, Melissa when speaking to ABC News, said, "I have an inclination that I'm gonna be in the honeymoon phase for a very long time."