Host Suki Dishes On The Surprising Habits The 90 Day's Cast Reveals On Love Games - Exclusive

We all want to be able to say that we love our partners unconditionally. We also want to be able to say that we know our partners better than anyone else — and perhaps even better than they know themselves. But how can any of us really understand what it's like to truly know one's partner unless you go head-to-head with other couples, when the best weapon at your disposal is your knowledge of said partner?

This is the premise of the new 90 Day Fiancé game show, Love Games. Hosted by Suki Krishnan, Love Games pits 24 couples from the 90 Day universe against one another in a winner-take-all showdown. The prize? The Love Games cup, and the ultimate reward: bragging rights. But did all the couples survive the high-pressure stakes of the game? And what were some of the juicy details they revealed about each other?

Suki sat down with The List to dish on all things Love Games, and gave us a glimpse into the show's dynamic. What did the 90 Day couples learn about themselves and each other? What little routines do they have that their partner finds so frustrating? Wonder no more, because Suki Krishnan spilled to The List the surprising habits that the 90 Day cast reveals about each other on Love Games.

Suki Krishnan reveals just how well the 90 Day couples really know each other

The 90 Day Fiancé universe is known for its romantic love stories, its drama, and of course, its boundary-defying relationships. So many of the couples beat the odds, and viewers fall in love with them in the process. But what new aspects of their relationships will Love Games reveal? 

According to Suki Krishnan, some of the couples learn things about each other that they never knew about before, like Darcey and Georgi, who got engaged this past June. "They get together and you get to see their new relationship and how it is and how they are," Suki told The List. "You always think you know somebody until somebody poses a question and says, 'hmm, when was that time ... ?'" and we can only guess that the couples were met with a lot of head tilts, side-eyes, and the occasional eye roll. 

Suki revealed that she asked "a lot of questions about annoying habits," something that the couples — who most have been quarantining together due to the coronavirus pandemic — have definitely picked up on. "Some of them don't even know that what they're doing is annoying," Suki revealed, later telling The List that picking out annoying habits led to arguments between the couples while they were competing. Let's just say that we're excited to see how it all goes.

What Love Games cast members get into choppy water?

Unscripted reality television can lead to a lot of arguments, a lot of drama, and a lot of unresolved tension. The 90 Day Fiancé shows are known for providing the best in reality drama, and it looks like Love Games is going to be right up there when it comes to on-screen craziness. Host Suki Krishnan told The List that some couples — when asked about their partner's surprisingly annoying habits — spiraled, leading to yelling, arguments, and good old-fashioned blowups.

Talking about 90 Day couple Evelin and Corey, Suki shared a Love Games spoiler. "Corey said something like, 'You're always yelling at me,' and she's like, 'I'm not yelling at you. Am I yelling at you?'" only for Suki to chime in and say, "You're yelling at him." We can't wait to see it all unfold.

Suki also revealed that some questions asked during Love Games gets under the contestants' skin, mentioning "OG" couple Russ and Paola in particular. "You see the jealousy between some of the cast-mates and Pao. It's very interesting," she shared. "Especially Evelin and Paola get to kind of team up on somebody else." It sounds very juicy.

Suki reveals just how competitive the 90 Day couples become during Love Games

There's nothing like a competition to bring out the fire in everyone, especially when there are cameras involved. When we think of reality competition, we think of Survivor, and from what host Suki Krishnan shared with The List, it looks like the 90 Day Fiancé couples came to Love Games with enough competitive energy to survive on an island. Suki told The List that because the 90 Day universe is "so competitive," the couples came with "their claws out." 

"They're all clawing to the top as to who's more popular than the other person, who does the audience attach themselves to, whose storyline is better?" she shared. "They say that they're not watching, but they're all watching each other very closely." And what do the winners of Love Games have to compete for? Ultimate bragging rights, which apparently, is a huge deal. "Who doesn't want to have those kinds of bragging rights?" Suki said. "Especially in the 90 Day universe, which is so competitive." Time will tell what 90 Day couple reigns over all.

Love Games is now streaming on discovery+.