Who Leaves The Room On Love Games Because The Heat Was Too Much? - Exclusive

We all live for reality television's viral moments — when the leading man of The Bachelor storms off in a rage or when Kim Kardashian attacks her sister with a purse. Reality television really is the gift that keeps on giving, and luckily for the fans of the 90 Day Fiancé universe, there is another show to add to the franchise: Love Games.

Love Games, hosted by Suki Krishnan, launched on discovery+ on the perfect day: Valentine's Day. The competition features 24 couples from the 90 Day franchise and pits them against each other in the ultimate showdown. Which couple knows each other best? What pair can navigate the salacious info and the expository questions well enough to take home the Love Games cup? Who will walk away with ultimate bragging rights? These are the questions we're dying to know the answers to. So we went to the host herself, Suki Krishnan, to get to the bottom of it.

In an interview with The List, Suki Krishnan shared just what it was that caused so much juicy drama among the couples, who ganged up on whom, and how she went about controlling such a unique competition experience. So did Krishnan reveal to The List which contestant gets up and leaves the show? You'll soon find out.

What was it about the Love Games dynamic that caused drama?

Reality competition shows often lead to an intense amount of drama, but Love Games has a unique edge. Filmed entirely from the separate homes of the competing couples, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Love Games all but forces couples to be in the same space with each other and no one else. As such, things got a little tense. 

But it wasn't just the close quarters that sparked such on-screen excitement. Suki Krishnan told The List that there were other factors that shaped Love Games. "It is just wonderfully salacious and juicy and magical," Krishnan said. "You pepper in some game show with a little bit of jealousy and maybe some bruising of the ego, and bam, you have television magic." And leave it to a host with a storied career in journalism to ask the tough questions. Krishnan told The List that her skills as a reporter helped her to ask the questions that we've all been dying to know. Of course, that added a whole other layer of drama to the Love Games dynamic. 

"You're asking questions that provoke, [that] sometimes make people laugh, and sometimes it could be a little ironic," Krishnan said. "It all kind of weaves a beautiful web that we love to somehow take apart as viewers." Time will tell just how the competition unfolds.

Suki reveals whose ego was bruised during the show

Leave it to the 90 Day Fiancé universe to provide some of the juiciest drama on television. The couples that we've all watched fall in love are back and competing on Love Games, and as Suki Krishnan told The List, things get heated. "Some people walk away, some people get angry at me, and some people get angry at the other couples that are on screen," she said. "There's a lot of drama," We can't wait to see who gets up and storms off, and given what Krishnan revealed to The List, we can make a pretty good guess.

"Let's just say that Evelin had a lot to say to another person from the 90 Day universe, who Corey allegedly might have been in Las Vegas with when they had split up," Krishnan revealed. "There are a lot of egos being bruised ... That's all I'll say." We just had to know more about what exactly went down, and Krishnan shared with The List that Evelin's strength and determination came out in full colors while she was competing. 

"Evelin is somebody that doesn't kind of mince words and she's definitely a ... strong, very authentic woman," Krishnan said. "I think Corey loves that about her, but it's really cute to watch Corey grovel."

We can't wait to see who else storms off camera and who puts aside their differences to make it all the way to the end. But who was Corey with in Vegas? We'll just have to wait and see.

Is there any bad blood between contestants?

Tension and jealousy are the cornerstones of most reality shows, and Love Games is no different.

"You see the jealousy," Krishnan revealed. "I wish I could tell you all of the things that kind of happened, but it's great." We wish she could have shared more too, but it just leaves us dying to see how Love Games unfolds. 

Krishnan did share, however, that even though there was still some tension between the couples, she left the show with a whole new group of friends. She told The List that she walked away from the show with a great relationship with Evelin, and the two still keep in contact. 

Krishnan also said that despite her probing questions, all the couples welcomed her with open arms. "They didn't look at me like an outsider coming in," she said. "They really embraced me as a friend." And leave it to close friends to ask the juiciest questions out there.

Love Games is now streaming on discovery+.