How Queen Elizabeth Is Coping With Prince Philip's Hospitalization

When he checked into King Edward VII Hospital a little over a week ago, Buckingham Palace said that Prince Philip's visit was "precautionary" (via BBC). Now the prince is being treated for an "infection" and isn't expected to leave the hospital for "several days" (via The Telegraph). Prince Charles has visited his father, although the hospital, purportedly, only allows visitors in "exceptional circumstances" due to COVID-19 (via CBC). Queen Elizabeth, on the other hand, has reportedly not seen her husband, who she married in 1947.  

That could be a good sign. Like Yahoo News points out, if the Queen were to visit Prince Philip in the hospital, we might assume the worst. And although (as Evoke reports) an Australian newspaper published Philip's obituary by mistake, Prince William says that his grandfather is stable. He's "Okay. They're keeping an eye on him," the prince reportedly told reporters, with a wink (via Twitter).

Sources, meanwhile, tell US Weekly that Queen Elizabeth is coping with the "stress and sadness" brought on by her husband's hospitalization with "great dignity."

The Queen surrounds herself with family after Philip's hospitalization

As per what an "insider" leaked to US Weekly, Queen Elizabeth is "leaning on her loved ones for support." She's face-timing Harry and Meghan's son, Archie. And Prince William, Duchess Kate, Duchess Camilla, Prince Charles, and Princess Beatrice have all reached out. "Even Princess Eugenie, who has just given birth is checking in," according to US Weekly's source. Elizabeth's son, Prince Charles has been a real crutch through trying times and is purportedly "making a real effort to step up. Elizabeth is the first to admit that he has been her pillar of strength."

Despite the strains of public life, insiders report that Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth are still very much in love. Elizabeth is said to become "softer and lighter and happier," when Prince Philip enters a room (via People). And, Prince Philip (who, per Tatler, calls his wife "sausage" in private) enjoys relaxing in the evening by watching TV with the Queen.