The Truth About Halle Berry's Boyfriend, Van Hunt

Halle Berry has finally found the one for her. The Oscar-winning actress has been quietly seeing boyfriend Van Hunt for several months now, going public last September. The couple enjoyed a sweet Valentine's Day celebration, with both parties sharing sweet snaps of them snuggling up on Instagram. "To all the Valentines who may be struggling to get it right...I feel you, but never give up and NEVER SETTLE for less than what makes your heart sing!" Berry enthused

She added, "If you desire love, you will find your match, your equal ....your person...even if it takes you until you're 54!" Hunt, meanwhile, noted simply but poetically, "kisses land softly" in his own post. The loved-up couple subsequently embarked on a romantic winter getaway together, as reported by People. Now, the John Wick 3 star is opening up about where this very special relationship is headed and, suffice to say, Berry reckons they're in it for the long haul.

The musician and producer is a great match for Berry

When their relationship was first confirmed, a source told People that Berry and Hunt, a well-known musician and producer, were spending plenty of time hanging out at the actress's home and that he'd even met her children, for good measure. "She really seems to enjoy the quiet time," the source advised, adding, "it seems pretty serious." Another insider revealed the couple "respect each other and have a great deal in common." Their pairing was described as "mature" and a "really good match." Berry has previously been married three times, but an insider advised her relationship with Hunt is completely different and the Oscar winner seems "really happy." 

It appears that was an understatement as Us Weekly reports Berry could see herself being with Hunt forever. He makes her laugh, challenges her, and the couple generally has a lot of fun together. Hunt is just as crazy about Berry too, with the source describing him as completely "infatuated." Although Berry has been somewhat unlucky in love, the celebrated actress recently took issue with an Instagram commenter who alleged she couldn't "keep a man." The former Bond girl shot back, "Who said I wanted to keep them? I'm all about living your best life, if you make a wrong move, course correct and re-spin and start again!" Evidently, she's doing exactly that.