Bachelor Producers Respond To The Online Harassment Of Rachel Lindsay

Over the weekend, we learned that former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay decided to delete her Instagram account after being at the receiving end of internet harassment following her interview with Chris Harrison. As fans know, the podcast host's chat with the longtime rosemaster went viral after Harrison called for grace for current Bachelor contestant Rachael Kirkconnell and her racially insensitive online posts. He later stepped down as host temporarily due to backlash over his comments. Emmanuel Acho, who was suggested by Lindsay, will replace Harrison for now.

Even though fans and members of Bachelor Nation have been vocal in their condemnation of Harrison, and support of Lindsay, it seems trolls were cruel to the reality star, blaming her for the fallout surrounding the interview. But as her podcast co-host Van Lathan noted in an Instagram video, "Rachel is not responsible for Chris Harrison, a 49-year-old man who can't read the room in these present 2021 times. She's not responsible for that."

Bachelor stars and producers stand up for Rachel Lindsay

Lindsay's fellow former Bachelorette Becca Kufin took to Instagram to share her thoughts about the star having to delete her account. In part, writing a message directly to Lindsay, Kufin said, "I love you, I stand by you and I support you in whatever way, shape or form that's needed."

Meanwhile, her husband, Bryan Abasolo, shared his support onĀ Instagram, writing, "I love you, I appreciate you, I believe in you and I just wanted to let you know how proud of you I am. Keep going and never stop being you and fighting for what's right."

Bachelor producers have also shared their unequivocal support for Lindsay (via The Hollywood Reporter). A Twitter statement reads, "As executive producers of The Bachelor franchise we would like to make it perfectly clear that any harassment directed towards Rachel Lindsay in the aftermath of her interview with Chris Harrison is completely inexcusable. Rachel has received an unimaginable amount of hate and has been subjected to severe online bullying, which, more often than not, has been rooted in racism. That is totally unacceptable."

The producers went on to note, "Rachel has been an incredible advocate for our cast, and we are grateful that she has worked tirelessly towards racial equity and inclusion."