Hairstyles You'll Be Ditching In 2021

We're a few months into the new year already, and look at you, still rocking that 2020 'do! Surprisingly enough, "new hairstyle" is something that seldom features on anyone's list of New Year's resolutions. Could that, perhaps, be because New Year's Day is inconveniently scheduled in January, a time of year when many of us dare not venture out without hats, hoods, or scarves? No point in going all out with a coiffure that's only going to wind up getting squashed or staticky by the time we get where we're going.

Now, however, spring is (somewhat) on the horizon, and you may be getting sick of your wintertime hair (along with your winter wardrobe, winter scenery, winter weight, and winter in general). In order to find out what's hot — and what's not — in the world of hair, The List spoke with Cheryl Bergamy, a hairstylist who's also the founder of Contents Haircare, to get her take on what styles you might want to ditch if you don't want your hair to look "so 2020."

These 3 trends are so over

The first style Bergamy said has "r[u]n its course" is the messy bun. Sure, these are quick, easy, and flattering, but fashion dictates that 2021 hair trends may have everyone returning to what she describes as "clean, slick, and low buns" in contrast to their more casual counterparts. With curls, though, it seems we're supposed to be going in the opposite direction, with a less structured look. Bergamy says to lose the "candy curls," something she describes as "silky, long, [and] tight." While naturally curly is always cool, if you are adding the curl to your style she says to go for texture rather than silkiness so your 'do doesn't wind up looking like dolls' hair.

Bergamy also had something to say about hair color trends, as well. Traditional highlights, she thinks, are so ho-hum, simply "no match for a balayage or ombre." She's especially up on the former technique, saying "balayage highlights the skin tone and maintains natural color on the root" and feeling that these advantages make traditional highlights "a thing of the past." If, however, you prefer to stick with what's been working for you when it comes to color or style, hey, no problem, it's your hair, after all! Try something new, stick with the tried-and-true, or even go with a vintage 'do, it's entirely up to you.