What You Don't Know About The Try Guys' Keith Habersberger

If you don't already know the comedy group The Try Guys, you soon will. The YouTubers and content creators have just struck a deal with the Food Network to produce their very own special for the channel. According to VarietyNo Recipe Roadtrip with the Try Guys (working title) is based on their popular YouTube series Without a RecipeIn the YouTube version, each member of The Try Guys — Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld and Eugene Lee Yang — try baking a popular food item without any instructions. It normally leads to some hilarious fails and surprising wins. 

Now that The Try Guys will be making their cable TV debut, it's time to get to know each member a little bit better, starting with Keith Habersberger. Like the rest of The Try Guys, Keith got his start at Buzzfeed where he was a video producer (via Famous Birthdays). Back in 2018, The Try Guys officially left the media company to start their own independent production company called 2nd Try LLC (via BuzzFeed). That big leap has allowed the quartet to try new business endeavors, like podcasts, a nationwide tour, and writing a best-selling book, The Hidden Power of F*cking Up (via Tubefilter). However, you would know all of that if you've been following the guys' careers since their BuzzFeed days, but here are a few things some fans may not know about Keith Habersberger. 

He has a geographic tongue

Out of all The Try Guys, Keith is known as the food lover. He has his own series on their YouTube channel titled Eat the Menu, where he eats everything off of a popular fast food restaurant's menu. Not only that, but Keith has his own line of hot sauces for chicken and burgers (via Heatonist). According to People, the reason Keith decided to make his own line of hot sauces is because he has "a super sensitive tongue." 

If you thought spicy food was bad for you, imagine having a geographic and fissured tongue, which is what Keith has. That means anything slightly spicy is intensely painful on his tongue. Therefore, he created these hot sauces for anyone to enjoy. He also told People that he would like to make more hot sauces in the future. His dream is to make four different sauces inspired by each of The Try Guys, so they can sell them as a cute four-pack. 

Because of his hilarious reactions, Keith Habersberger is often chosen for the thumbnail on their YouTube videos

The Try Guys are two-time Streamy Award winners, according to IMDb, which just shows they know what they're doing on YouTube. With over 7 million subscribers, the group earns about $3 million a year just from YouTube alone (via What's Their Net Worth). According to YouTube, one way to drive up viewerships on the video-sharing platform is to create custom video thumbnails. 

Looking at the videos that The Try Guys have on their channel right now, Keith appears in roughly 49% of the video thumbnails (via YouTube). That's a bit more than the second most used Try Guy, Eugene Lee Yang, who appears roughly 38% of the time. That's due to Keith's hilarious facial expressions, which make click-worthy thumbnails. However, deciding on a thumbnail can be a sensitive topic for the guys. According to today onlineThe Try Guys "sometimes argue over a thumbnail." But as Keith said, "It may be such an unnecessary thing to be upset about but that goes to show we all care so much!"

Keith Habersberger has a cat named Alfred

Keith Habersberger used to be the only Try Guy without a pet. Ned, Eugene, and Zach all have dogs who have appeared in multiple Try Guys' videos, like when Keith puppy-sat for all The Try Guys dogs (via YouTube). But in 2020, Keith and his wife, Becky Habersberger, adopted a cat named Alfred. Now, Alfred is an Instagram famous feline who has over 93 thousand followers (via Instagram). 

The account is mostly run by Becky, who shows up in quite a few of The Try Guys' YouTube videos as well. Most recently, Becky appeared alongside Eugene in his series, Rank King, to rank the most popular reality TV shows from best to worst. She also co-hosts the podcast You Can Sit With Us with other Try Wife Ariel Fulmer and Zach's fiancée Maggie Bustamante (via Ramble). Becky actually revealed in a Try Guys video where Eugene was cat-sitting for the Habersbergers that she called Maggie immediately after adopting Alfred (via YouTube). In the video, Becky explains that the black and white cat, not only took to Keith immediately making the adoption an easy choice, but he was found in a hoarding situation in Mexico. So, the couple thought it would be helpful to have Maggie, who is Peruvian, speak Spanish to Alfred to see if he would respond .

He has a comedy special with his musical comedy trio, Lewberger, streaming now

The Try Guys aren't the only comedy group Keith is a part of. He is also a member of the musical comedy trio Lewberger. You may have seen Lewberger — Keith, Alex Lewis, and Hughie Stone Fish — competing in the first season of NBC's reality competition show Bring The Funny (via NBC). While they didn't win, that hasn't stopped the trio from continuing to make music together. 

In fact, Lewberger has their first comedy special streaming on demand right now. According to Syracuseyou can rent or purchase the special, Lewberger: Live at Lincoln Hall in Chicago, on platforms like Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime Video. And if you're looking for even more Lewberger content, they have their own YouTube channel. But you can also find Lewberger popping up in a few of Keith's Eat the Menu episodes. Alex even has his own segment on the show where he brings a baked good that he made onto the show called "Alex Brought Some Cookies To The All You Can Eat Eating The Menu Time."

Keith Habersberger was once a part of a touring improv company

Watching The Try Guys' videos on YouTube, there's no denying Keith Habersberger is a very funny guy. Aside from natural talent, Keith honed a lot of his comedy chops while improvising in Chicago. The YouTuber is originally from Tennessee, but went to Illinois State University for college (via Famous Birthdays). In school, he studied acting, which earned him a degree from ISU's School of Theatre and Dance (via Illinois State University). 

It was from there he moved to Chicago and joined Mission Improvable's touring improv comedy group. Another Try Guy got his start doing improv comedy in Chicago as well — Ned Fulmer. According to Santa Clara UniversityNed was also a part of Chicago's comedy scene and even performed sketches and improv comedy with house teams at both the Second City and iO Chicago theater. But despite having similar backgrounds and both ending up at Buzzfeed together, Keith and Ned weren't actually close friends before The Try Guys were formed. According to Vidette Online, Keith revealed that before their first video together, the guys "knew each other and [were] friends and coworkers, but [they] weren't incredibly, incredibly close." Luckily, that video did extremely well, which led to them making similar videos. And of course, the rest is history.